Why Only Experienced People Should Run Vape Shops

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There are very many people that are keen to jump at the opportunity to make some money and lots of individuals have correctly read the moneymaking opportunities that electronic cigarettes offer to entrepreneurs.

As a result, there are very many who have entered the e-cig industry from the moneymaking angle in addition to those who sincerely believe in the lifesaving potential of the devices. When you look at the two categories, it becomes very clear that an e-cig convert will be more valuable than the one that has smelt money and come in to make a kill

shops with e-cigs.

The following are some crucial reasons as to why only those who have some experience with e-cigs or are at least very knowledgeable about them should be the ones entrusted with the job of running vape shops.

Steering Clear Of Cessation Claims.

No manufacturer of e-cigs has even remotely suggested that e-cigs are a smoking cessation device. Despite this, users have made claims in that direction even if it is wrong to do so.

If a vape shop is in the hands of someone that is not knowledgeable, that individual, in his or her zeal to make more money, will make cessation claims and that could not only disappoint those that buy the product for that effect but it could also draw the wrath of regulators. None of these outcomes can be good for the industry in general.

Giving Proper Product Information.

It is very simple for someone that has little experience to tell a naive buyer that getting a $70 starter kit will be all they spend in two years or thereabouts. That lack of experience will make the person forget that e-liquid has to be bought regularly and that parts wear out and have to be replaced periodically.

When the newbie buys a kit under the false impression that that is all they will need to fork out for a long time, they will feel cheated when reality sets in. Even the massive savings that vaping has in comparison to smoking analogs will be lost in the eyes of such a person who will look at the e-cig industry as another scheme geared at duping customers about its products.

As the scenario above shows, the vape shop will not be in business for long when several clients feel cheated by what they see as intentional misinformation. It will also affect the goodwill that is enjoyed by members of the vaping community and their suppliers.

In Summary…

It is unwise for inexperienced people to run vape shops. They will not be able to serve customers in the personal way that they need to be served (such as mixing an e-liquid for them) and they will do damage to the industry as was the case in the US when a young son of the owner of a vape shop was interviewed by a news crew and his inexperience led to some blunders in the information he gave to a national TV network. Always put only knowledgeable people in your vape shop. It is good for your business, and for all concerned.

E-Cigs Could Be Beneficial To Mentally Ill Smokers

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Statistics have it that between 80-90% of all those individuals with schizophrenia are smokers. Generally speaking, those who are mentally ill are more likely to smoke than members of other groups. This group of the mentally ill is in addition to those with bipolar disorder, PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), depression and anxiety.

In other words, 45% of all analogs sold in the US as well as close to half of all the 400,000 individuals who die each year due to tobacco related causes are all mentally ill. That is one huge demographic!

The sad thing about this group is that even if they may be aware of the dangers that lurk in tobacco, their condition makes it difficult for them to make the changes that they need to make in order to quit smoking or at the very least cut back on how much they smoke.

How E-Cigs Can Help Them.

When such people are allowed to use electronic cigarettes, they may be helped in a number of ways.

It helps them maintain a habit without maintaining the harm inherent in that habit. Smoking becomes embedded in the psyche of the individual in such a strong way that it becomes almost impossible to break free. Since the mentally ill are already weakened in some way, using electronic cigarettes allow them to reduce the harm they are exposed to while they smoke. This reduction comes in a way that they can sustain because it keeps the rituals of smoking so the individual will not resist the alternative.

The link between a healthier body and the mind. While using an electronic cigarette may not cure the depression or other mental illness that the individual is suffering from, e-cigs will improve their physical health in many ways. These include improving the way they breathe, improving their sense of taste and that of smell, giving them an improved ability to exercise, and so on.

Those, and other benefits to the physical body will have an impact on the mind as it is known that as the body gets healthier, so does the mind. One cannot have a healthy mind in a body that is not healthy.

E-Cigs provide a safer way to stay on medication. Most mentally ill people are on medication to alleviate the symptoms that they suffer from. Many of these medications are affected by the constituents of tobacco cigarettes yet it is hard to keep these individuals off cigarettes while they are on medication. E-Cigs are good here because they only provide nicotine and nothing else. Thus, one can still take their medication and vape without risking any adverse effects, at least according the current information on e-cigs.

From the foregoing, it is easy to see the potential that electronic cigarettes have in helping different categories of people. It is not far-fetched to think that in the near future e-cigs will be the device of choice that doctors recommend when they are treating mentally ill people who are smokers because it may not be as disruptive to the medication as cigarettes are.

Electronic Cigarettes: Vaping Safe but Alarming

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Millions of smokers across the globe are constantly fighting with the urge to quit smoking. However, the invention of electronic cigarettes has brought in relief for those willing to retire from the habit. One controversial subject facing e-cigs is the unknown safety of these gadgets, and the lack of sufficient research to back their efficiency health wise.

Depicting E-Nicotine in Good Light

Conventionally, these cigars are thought to be the ultimate and most secure alternative to tobacco addiction. Given that smoking is one of the leading culprits in the number of annual deaths, health experts have had no choice but to depict the e-nicotine devices in good light. However, there is a faction that has pointed out numerous disadvantages of opting for electronic puffs. Some of them are puritan in thought, even when tobacco researchers attest to the fact that e-cigarettes can be harmless up to 90% of the time. Even when this is almost a trusted notion, these puritans have voiced concerns over the possibility of breeding a new crop of vaping addicts.

The Ultimate Savior

It is obvious that e-cigarettes are seen as the ultimate savior in the fight against tobacco smoking. Users are sure to avoid cancer, since the harmful toxins found in tobacco are absent. Still it is a bitter-sweet affair, given that it is becoming more and more alarming as health experts claim the devices have their own set of demerits on a person’s health in the long run. Notably, smoke found in ordinary smokes or e-cigs could still do lots of harm. The heated nicotine in electronic smoke still has toxic contents. Nonetheless, the fact that there is no tar in the nicotine presents an alternative to the fetus in a pregnant woman.

Imminent Solutions

Studies have shown that even though vaping could have some disadvantages, it is so far the best option for tobacco addicts. The growing preference for these electronic smoke stick has been causing controversy in different jurisdictions. It is thought that they appear appealing to more people including minors. This potentially leads to young addicts taking smoking seriously later on in life. The good news is that the imminent debate about regulating the use of e-cigs will present solutions.

The Non-Partisan Approach

As the debate surrounding the validity and demerits of these devices rages on, it is crucial to take a non partisan approach to achieve a practical health unbalance. Various cities and jurisdictions especially in the US have been able to enact laws to govern electronic cigarette use. This has been perhaps the best way to ensure that the benefits of using e-cigs are not extended, especially at the expense of the passive smoker living around e-nicotine users.

Source of Relief

The possible act set to be placed by the FDA will help consolidate medical efforts, which run for and against e-puffs. It will be foolhardy to wait on researchers in this field to finish their long drawn out studies and examinations to determine whether these nicotine devices are safe for the masses or not. The tobacco sector is yet to offer relief to the current generation, given the number of deaths reported from its use. Even with much touted level of safety, the electronic cigarette will have to endear itself, at least for now, as the better option.


Some Facts

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Why Use Electronic Cigarettes? Find Amazing Facts Here

Since the evolution of electronic cigarettes, many smokers have moved away from using traditional cigarettes. This is because of the various benefits they have over traditional cigarettes. The first is that they have different flavours and tastes to suit different demand for different smokers. On the other hand, electronic cigarettes contain different types of e-liquids where smokers have a wide variety of choice to choose from. One of the juices used in many e-cigs is the nicotine. Many brands of electronic cigarettes prefer using  juice as opposed to others. This is because of the many advantages they have over the them.

No Offensive Odour

If you wish to keep your vehicles smelling new and your home smelling fresh and clean, the e-cig that contains nicotine as an e-liquid is the best option. Whenever you smoke an e-cig with nicotine, the only noticeable smell is the pleasant, natural wafting essence of the flavour ingested. Smoking an e-cig keeps you fresh and comfortable even if you are in a group of non-smokers. This is because the vapour from liquid easily vaporizes into the air and hence does not attach itself to your clothes or any other thing around you.

No Toxins or Chemicals Ingested

Nicotine juice only consist of purified water, vegetable glycerin and natural flavourings. This means that they do not contain carcinogens, toxins and chemicals that are released while smoking traditional cigarettes. This makes nicotine e-liquids the best option for those smokers who wish to end their nicotine cravings without inhaling harmful substances that might later impair with their health. In addition, smoking electronic cigarettes with nicotine e-liquids is also the best option for those nicotine addicts. This is because they meet all your demands without using other nicotine products that put you at risk of contracting diseases.


How to Take Care of Your E-cigarette Battery

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Electronic cigarettes can be reused, which means that there are certain things that you can do to maintain it and increase its battery life, so that you can enjoy your vaping for a long time.

The lithium ion batteries used in e-cig kits today lasts much longer than old nickel cadmium batteries. But there still are a few things you can do to get the most out of one battery. While spare batteries are not expensive, in the long run the costs can add up, so economizing battery life helps you save money. Here are some things that you can do to increase the battery life of your e-cig



Use Regularly

If you leave your battery unused for several months, then you are very likely reducing its lifespan. Lithium ion batteries are meant to be used regularly and that is the best way to keep them powerful.

Store Safely

Where you store your battery is important. Heat and direct sunlight affect lithium ion batteries used in e-cigs. When you store your electronic cigarette, keep it out of the heat and sun, and protect it from hard impacts as well. This will ensure it lasts longer.

Change Battery Before It Drains

You’ll find many “vapers” keep spare batteries around to be used in rotation when their e-cig battery is just about to die. Lithium ion batteries are best charged when not yet fully discharged, unlike old batteries that had to be drained completely before recharging to maintain peak performance.

Never Store Battery with Less Than Half the Charge

Any battery that you are storing for later use should be fully charged, as storing them at lower charge will cause quicker draining of power.

Also be sure to disconnect the cartomizer when you are not using it and keep the contacts on your e-cig clean. Happy vaping!


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Advantages of Electronic Cigarettes over Traditional Tobacco Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are electronic devices that look just like the traditional cigarettes but use no tobacco. These devices use rechargeable batteries as a source of heat and produce vapour instead of smoke. It is loved by many people simply as a healthy alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. There are several brands available on the market today for people to choose from. Unlike in the past when electronic cigarettes were being introduced and there were few brands, today you can choose among many brands and flavours. The following are some of the advantages of electronic cigarettes over traditional tobacco cigarettes.

You Can Smoke Electronic Cigarettes Anywhere

Since e-cigarettes produce no smoke, it means that it is environmentally friendly, as it leaves no fumes of harmful gases in the air. Therefore, you can smoke them anywhere without interfering with the environment or people around you. Most people are allergic or detest the smell of tobacco smoke and as such, there are restricted areas where you cannot smoke traditional cigarettes. But with e-cigs you can actually smoke them anywhere.

Healthy Alternative to Traditional Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are known to cause no diseases, unlike traditional tobacco cigarettes. Tobacco smoking is known to cause a number of health problems including lung problems, throat cancer, breathing problems, and teeth discoloration. Electronic cigarettes on the other hand have no ill effects on the user. It makes you enjoy smoking without worrying about the many side effects of smoking traditional cigarettes. On top of that, electronic cigarettes produce no tar, which is the cause of the bad odour that is left behind after you smoke tobacco cigarettes. This therefore means that you will not have to smoke outside your home or take a bath after smoking. Additionally, your fingers will not have dark patches that are characteristic of individuals who smoke tobacco cigarettes. Most of them get burnt in the process of smoking traditional cigarettes.

Affordable and Cheap

Most people think that buying electronic cigarettes is more expensive than buying traditional cigarettes. What they forget is that when you buy electronic cigarettes you will buy the entire kit once and only spend money on e-liquids from time to time as refills. But with traditional cigarettes, you have to buy them repeatedly because they are not refillable. Therefore using electronic cigarettes saves you a lot of money.


Prohibitive Initial Costs

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Digital smoking and traditional smoking differ very broadly in terms of the impact on your account balance. While a few green bucks will get you a pack of cigarettes, you cannot say the same about electronic cigarettes.

Getting a starter kit costs quite some significant amount of money and you feel the pinch in your pocket. This is because there are many components that must be purchased all at one go so the initial cost is rather high. Once you get the kit, the “maintenance” cost is manageable.

Making The Switch Is Not Easy.

Most electronic cigarettes have three components fused into one and as such, they generally tend to be heavier than the conventional cigarette. Given that most people have been smoking tobacco cigarettes for several years or even decades, the e-cigs feels strange to them.

Their mind and fingers have been habituated to the feel and weight of the tobacco brand they are used to so it takes quite some time for them to adjust to the new device that they wish to make their daily companion. Some give up easily and go back to their tobacco.

Questionable Substances.

In order to militate against the inherent weaknesses of the electronic cigarettes, some manufacturers have been noted to add substances that could be harmful to the consumers of the products. Nitrosamine has been found in some of these e-cigarettes and yet it is a known carcinogenic substance.

Since these devices are not yet fully understood, there could be many other harmful ingredients present in them with potential risk to users.

Exploding Batteries Or Leaking Cartridges.

At least one case has been documented of a battery exploding and taking out the teeth of a user in the US. Some manufacturers have also issued defective cartridges that have leaked, oozing out e-juice. This has been very annoying to consumers, especially after they have spent about $10 to get such a cartridge.

There could be many more shortcomings that have been noticed about electronic cigarettes. The onus is on manufacturers to sort out these defects so that their brands do not get tainted any more than can be helped. Regulators also need to come up with stringent measures to uphold standards so that consumers are not exposed to preventable harm.

E-cig user

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How did I become an electronic cigarette Australia user? It’s not a very complicated story really. Probably like the one most people who smoke e-cigarettes tell.


I am 40 years old now. I have been smoking tobacco for nearly half my life. When my father died of lung cancer I decided that something needs to change. He was a tobacco smoker himself. That’s why he got the disease in the first place. My son, who has been nagging me about quitting for a very long time, told me about electronic cigarettes. By that time I have already tried nicotine patches, pills and chewing gum. Nothing really seemed to work. But my son seemed convinced about these e-cigarettes. At first I was a little sceptic about becoming an electronic cigarette user and smoking something called e-liquid. It didn’t sound right to me. Mist instead of real smoke? How can that possibly work? Well, it does. The electronic cigarette is a real life changer and e-liquid really is a better thing than tobacco.


Okay, but what is the major difference? I think that first of all the fact that e-cigarettes do not harm your body. They do not cause your health to drop. They do not cause coughing or heart problems. Electronic cigarettes are simply harmless. E-cigarette users seem to be fit and energetic as opposed to tobacco smokers with their yellow teeth, bad breath and pale skin. E-liquid doesn’t contain any of the toxic substances that tobacco does. This was the most important factor for me. After my father’s death I realised how dangerous this thing really is and how stupid were my actions so far. Switching to electronic cigarettes was probably my smartest decision in years.


If you health is not on your top priority list than maybe your finances are. If so, you should also consider giving e-cigarettes a try. They are much cheaper than tobacco. The e-cigarette is really a one-time expense. After you buy the device you just refuel it with e-liquid. I have to be honest and say that every time I realized how much I have spent on tobacco I was furious. My electronic cigarette is making me (and my wallet) much happier now.


Before I became an electronic cigarette user I used to smoke strong slim cigarettes. What is great is the fact that i can still do it. I mean I can e-smoke. I chose to become a slim electronic cigarette user and refuel it with strong e-liquid. It works great. My tobacco cigarettes were usually white, so I bought a white e-cigarette (yes! Electronic cigarettes come in different colours too).


By now you might be thinking that it all sounds too good to be true. It really is that great. Some people think that after quitting tobacco they will get fat very quickly by substituting cigarettes with food. With e-cigarettes it is different. Even if you really do eat more (and it is not something you can be sure of) than you will have more energy to do sports. You will not go out of breath after running for a couple of minutes. I started to enjoy exercises after becoming an e-cigarette user. Believe it or not, but I even signed up for my local football team. Now every Friday evening I have a very intense training session. I end it, of course, with a puff of my electronic cigarette. It doesn’t affect my fitness anyway.


Electronic cigarettes are becoming popular among my friends as well now. They are people of all age groups – from university students to older people. It is great watching them change for the better and really starting to enjoy themselves properly. After so many years of smoking they can really feel free at last. Nearly all of them have the same say on e-cigarettes – they’re awesome. For many of them, electronic cigarettes were really the only thing that helped them quit smoking. Nothing else had worked before. It’s hard to explain why this particular product proved to be the only sufficient one. The e-cigarette is somewhat of a phenomenon.


If you are a smoker, I hope you read this short article and rethink some of your decisions in life and change some things. This is my story. What is yours going to be? I hope it will end in a similar way before it is too late. No on eis going to make those decisions for you. You have to want to do it yourself, otherwise you will fail. Noone can force you to do this. Choose right!




How it feel like?

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Does the e-cigarette feel like a real cigarette? The answer to this question is very simple for every e-liquid user: yes, the e-cigarette replaces the desire for a real cigarette as long as the dosage of nicotine is matching your usual usage of tobacco and the taste of e-liquid satisfies you completely.

The vapor density of some e-liquids and the taste of it, thanks to the dose of nicotine in the e-juice, can really make you forget your cravings for cigarettes. The first studies on the effectiveness of the electronic cigarette in stopping smoking show success rate well above 70%.

The heart of the machine is the atomizer. It contains a metal filament which, when turned on, will heat up to the point of transforming the e-liquid to vapor or steam when it reaches a temperature of about  50 ° C. “Smoke” is created in the inhaler before being inhaled in the throat and lungs of the e-cigarette australia user.

The atomizer is going to get going within the push of a button or automatically when you start to suck air out from the inside of the device.

But before grilling as a vulgar toast, the liquid is stored in a cartridge. In some models, it contains a fill, sort of foam or canvas that holds the liquid inside.

Some liquids are trying to replicate the taste of tobacco, more or less strong. Others mimic food flavors – for example these might be coffee, raspberry, pineapple, mint, pina colada, mojito, pipe smoke, candy or chocolate, but the list seems endless.


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E-Juice Provides Flavour For Electronic Cigarettes 

E-juice is what is inside the flavour cartridges in all of the brands and types of electronic cigarettes that have become so popular in the last few years. E-liquid flavours abound and consumers can get their favourite brand of e-liquid Australia nicotine or non-nicotine in flavours like mint, fruit, chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, bubble gum and many more.

E-juice comes with varying amounts of nicotine or no nicotine, depending on the brand and on the level of nicotine you buy. Most go from an average of 18 mg up to 24 mg, with the low levels being under 10 mg, or you can go for e-liquid Australia nicotine free flavour cartridges as well. Some people even use these electronic cigarettes to stop smoking the tobacco kind of cigarettes due to these options.

Some places you can even buy your own e-liquid flavours and mix up the e-juice for refilling your electronic cigarettes. You can buy the ingredients and mixes online and this could be a cheaper alternative to buying premixed e-juice in the e-liquid flavor cartridges in electronic cigarettes. Either way, electronic cigarettes and accessories can be bought both online and offline.

E-Liquid Flavours Help Make E-cigs Enjoyable

E-liquid flavours are part of the reason that many people enjoy electronic cigarettes. They allow smokers to try out many new and exciting tastes no matter if they prefer their e-juice nicotine free or with nicotine. Some places in Australia don’t allow the purchase of the nicotine variety, so be sure to check your local rules and regulations for your area if you live in Australia and use e-liquid Australia nicotine electronic cigarettes.

For most brands of electronic cigarettes, users can buy a starter kit that contains not only the e-juice flavour cartridges, but also things like a recharger to keep the batteries in your e-cigs all charged up and a choice of several flavours of e-juice flavour cartridges. You can also get carrying cases, car charger devices, etc. A e-liquid nicotine flavour pack usually has the same amount of puffs as 40 regular tobacco cigarettes, which also saves money on their purchase.

When it comes to all of the available e-liquid flavours, there are multiple ones to choose from. Some are even exotic and not found via the brands of electronic cigarettes; instead you have to order them from the manufacturers of e-juice. Or, you can have them mix them up for you, plus some will even let you specify the amount of e-liquid Australia nicotine dosages if you want a precise amount or none at all.

How Do Electronic Cigarettes Work?

Electronic cigarettes have the look and feel of real smoking so it appeals to many people who used to smoke regular tobacco cigarettes. These fans of electronic cigarettes switched for reasons such as no second hand smoke to hurt other people’s lungs or give off a bad smell, no messy or sticky tar to get on your hands or clothing, no fire or flame to burn you or catch something on fire, and they are more economical than tobacco cigarettes as previously stated.

When you hear the words e-juice or e-liquid, they really are both the same thing and consist of the liquid inside of the flavour cartridges that people smoke using the battery back and atomizer to power their electronic cigarettes. They both give off the vapour like smoke that is similar to the type of fake smoke used by firemen for training.

The e-juice, whether e-liquid Australia nicotine free or containing nicotine, they still don’t have the cancer causing chemicals found in regular tobacco cigarettes, as the nicotine, although addictive, is not what has been found to be one of the more than 4,000 ingredients in tobacco cigarettes that can cause cancer.

The e-juice is merely turned into water vapour inside of the electronic cigarettes and it is made with a mixture of propylene glycol, which is a food additive that is considered safe for consumption. This is cleaner than second hand smoke provided by tobacco cigarettes so it is more accepted socially and even allowed in some places tobacco cigarettes are not like airports and restaurants.


All in all, electronic cigarettes and their e-juice liquid flavour cartridges are what help to make this new trend in smoking to be a very popular item. The various e-liquid flavours are just one of the things that this new breed of smoking enthusiasts who have grown to love about the new world of electronic cigarettes.