eGo-T CE4 1100 Double Kit

This Kit is quick and easy to use. The stems come with a clearomizer to see the fluid with ease. The stem is easy to fill and doesn’t require an additional syringe to fill. There are two stems, two clearomizers along with two batteries. The e-cigarette experience is smooth and enjoyable. There is no harsh taste that comes with the eGo-T. Take your eGo with you and look in style.

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What’s inside your eGo-T CE4 Starter Kit?

  • 2 x 1100mAh eGo-T batteries 
  • 2 x eGo-T clearomizers 
  • 1 x Australian plug 
  • 1 x USB charger 


The instructions can be found HERE


All the facts

They came to the market around 2007 and are a very popular smoking alternative product. They don’t contain tobacco and don’t produce second-hand smoke, but most of the time they seem very similar to a traditional tobacco smoking product for other reasons such as their shape and taste.


Many people are very curious about them as they have been appearing in lots of TV commercials, as well as in some TV shows or in movies and are being used by well-known actors and actresses. They are one of the fastest moving trends for people who want the pleasure of smoking, but not the hassles and dirty looks they get for smoking tobacco products. 

Plus, no one likes the sticky tar or bad smell of traditional once and the e-cigs have none of that at all. That is why they are allowed in some of the places that regular once are banned, such as some airports, restaurants or other areas. But users should check first, as not everyone understands e-cigs and may choose not to allow them in their facility.


They can save money

Many users say they can save money when they buy e-ciggies. The reasons include the fact that they can take one puff or a hundred and not waste the e-ciggies since they turn off and on and are battery operated, unlike traditional once which you have to light and could waste half of it if you don’t finish it all at one setting.

They come in starter kits with a charger, battery; flavour cartridges, carry case, and all you need to get started using them. They usually have about 250 puffs per flavour pack, which also is another reason they are less pricey than tobacco. 

It also may depend on the brand of the users choose to buy, but many also offer coupons so that Australian customers can save even more money. They can be purchased both online and offline and users should check around to find the best prices for their favourite brand of electronic devices at our online shop. 


e cigarette starter kit 


Come in Lots of Flavours

One unique thing about them is the fact that you can find the e-liquid in dozens of different flavours besides tobacco. They can also be found in flavours like peppermint, bubble gum, cola, pineapple, strawberry, root beer and even buttered popcorn. It all depends on the brand of electronic device or if the users buy the e-juice separately or not.

So, they are definitely on the minds of many people as they get more popular all over the world and they will most likely be in the news for years to come.

    By Nathan O. :

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    By Ben J. on 23 July 2014 :

    Title : good one
    Comment : like all ego types

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    By Mike F. :

    The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review, or the review is pending moderation

    By on 15 Apr. 2014 :

    Title : Love it
    Comment : The must have e-cigarette kit for anyone!

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    By on 04 Apr. 2014 :

    Title : great deal online
    Comment : I can't find ecigs near me at all. I love that I'm able to buy these online. :)

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    By on 09 March 2014 :

    Title : modern
    Comment : I like the clear unit just so I know how full it is. Plus, it's very modern.

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    By on 27 Feb. 2014 :

    Title : flavors good?
    Comment : The eliquid chamber is easy to fill. Ready to use some fun flavors next!

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    By on 18 Feb. 2014 :

    Title : CHEAP
    Comment : I agree. It has saved me a ton on money... and it's not too bad of a tasting deal either.

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    By on 02 Feb. 2014 :

    Title : modern
    Comment : Very chic and modern. It's a different way to hop on the ecig trend.

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