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August, 2014


What’s New with Electronic Cigarettes?

The Chinese E-cigarette Invention Moves Ahead. For anyone who’s only experience with an e-cigarette was several years ago, the concept they have of these powerful devices is dated. As the electronic cigarette in Australia and America becomes more popular greater expectations have lead to new innovations. Big changes in battery life, and the ability to buy premium e-liquid make the newer editions of this alternative to smoking even more attractive. The electronic version of the traditional cigarette was invented in 2004. Those who wanted to avoid smoking bans first usedRead More

The Changes in Britain, the U.S. and Australia

A Smart Move with E-Cigarettes. When wondering if it’s time to switch to electronic cigarettes in Australia the answer is probably in the affirmative. From having more chances at getting a nicotine boost to spending less money making the chance in countries like Australia, America, Britain usually pays off. Whether if starting out by choosing to buy an e-cigarette starter kit, or through other means the electronic version of smoking is better with vapor over smoke.   When cigarettes were first manufactured it dropped the cost of smoking dramatically aroundRead More

A Solution to a Smoky Problem

Who Can Use E-Cigarettes in Australia? Smoke gets in your eyes is a great song, but for those who want to enjoy tobacco this problem doesn’t generate any harmony. Smoke getting in the eyes, causing choking, or creating skin and hair problems are all common reason to give up the habit of smoking. Moving on to other methods of enjoying tobacco is possible through the use of electronic cigarettes.   The legal smoking age in Australia is 18 years of age just as it is other countries such as America.Read More

The Popularity of Smokeless Cigarettes

The Improved Lifestyle with E-cigs Thousands of men and women are making the trade from ordinary e-liquid nitotine or cigarette smoking to the enjoyment of electronic cigarettes in Australia. While this new way of having the satisfaction of the taste of tobacco, and the perk of nicotine is gaining a following around the world, it’s proving to be a valuable improvement for those in America and throughout Australia. With a vaporizer or e-cig anyone can have a break in their day without having to contend with smoke, or those whoRead More

The Difference in Using Premium Electronic Cigarettes

The Morning in the Life of a Typical E Smoker Some who don’t smoke might wonder what the difference is in smoking a familiar brand of cigarettes over using an electronic version of a cigarette. For those who use the e-cig in Australia this is an easy question to answer. They are able to enjoy themselves more, usually while paying less than they once did using old forms of smoking. For those who haven’t made the decision to buy quality electronic cigarette products the morning usually starts off with theRead More

Starting out with E-Cigarettes

Using Electronic Cigarettes – New alternative With the many reasons to switch from the use of regular cigarettes to electronic alternatives, it’s not a surprise more options are becoming available. From smaller devices to disposable units anyone who wants to buy quality electronic cigarette products finds the choices are varied, and easy to find. Moving away from standard cigarette products allows anyone who wants to enjoy the taste of tobacco without the hassle, mess, or other problems associated with smoking. It’s possible to buy an e-liquid for e-cigarettes in eitherRead More

The Difference in E-Cigarettes

The Noticeable Difference in Electronic Cigarettes The e-cig in Australia is making a strong showing based on the ease of its use, and the obvious pleasure those using it find. Watching another smoker casually puffing on their e-cigarette is usually the only introduction or advertisement this device requires. Instead of a harsh cloud of smoke and chemicals anyone who makes the decision to buy quality electronic cigarette products receives a fine cloud of taste with the boost offered by nicotine. This is a better all-around experience than smoking, which isRead More

E-cigarette upgrading – a way for a new e-cig

Upgrade your electronic cigarette – the new way The idea of upgrading seems to come from mobile phones, especially smart phones, where people must have the latest model, despite every model of mobile essentially being the same. We do have a culture of never being happy, being a bit of a stick in the mind, quite honestly. We don’t seem to like everything as it is, everything needs to be changed! Some people want to upgrade their e-cigs. Or just a change. Of course the last thing you want forRead More

E-cigarettes and patents

How were e-cigarettes first patented? The US patent for a smokefree cigarette is US32000819. It was filed by inventor Herbert A Gilbert, who lived in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. Products such as inhalers and vaporizers have already been patented by this time, so the inventor could have chose to call it an improved inhaler or improved vaporizer, but he didn’t. This wasn’t technically an electronic cigarette, but just the forerunner. A contemporary magazine article calls it a battery-powered “cigarette”. Even at the time it was thought to have medical potential. ButRead More

Understanding E-Cigarette Terms

What are all Electronic Cigarette Terms? Cigarettes have always had the own vocabulary terms and slang meanings only smokers truly understood. Someone who doesn’t smoke will only offer a quizzical look, if asked to “swing us a durry” for example. Asked if they have any good “butts” on them will also render confusion. These are terms used often by those who smoke in Australia, and elsewhere around the world other terms have passed from generation of smoker to the next. E-cigs in Australia are giving the next generation new terms,Read More