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January, 2015


Things to Remember When Buying E-Cigs

ecig starter kit

Before getting a new electronic cigarette starter kit E-cigs, or electronic cigarettes, are battery-operated devices that you can use if you want a lower-nicotine (and smokeless) option. If you are determined to opt for e-cigs and leave traditional tobacco smoking behind, it is not a wise move to just head into any e-cig retailing store and buy one. What you should do first is to consult your physician and seek professional advice. Before buying your starter kit for the e-cig, consider several things, and remember to learn more about theRead More

Top E-cig Figures Predict the Future of Vaping in 2015


What are the electronic cigarette trends? Many smokers nowadays have switched to vaping and prefer using electronic cigarettes, or e cig juice with nicotine, to traditional cigarettes. This is probably because they have learned that e-cigs contain less nicotine and do not produce smoke from burnt tobacco. After vaping became popular to many people in all parts of the world, many pro-e-cig people have given their prediction of the rise of the e-cig in this year, 2015. The top figures or personalities in the world of vaping have shared theirRead More