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October, 2019


How to get the most out of your e-juice flavours

Have you fallen into a flavour rut? Most e-cigarette users will find themselves a bit bored of their usual e-juice flavours at one time or another, or feeling like they just aren’t enjoying them as much as they once did. Using the same flavour over a long period of time can sometimes end in the dreaded ‘vaper tongue’ – a sure sign from your body that it’s time to switch things up. Vapers tongue usually results from a dry tongue and too much of one flavour, e-cig users will findRead More

Try vape games instead of drinking games

Want to try something fun at your next social gathering? Drinking games have been a party favourite for a long time, they’re an excellent way to break the ice or get the party started but unfortunately the effects of binge drinking on the body aren’t so great. If you want to avoid a hangover or protect your liver then why not try swapping your drinking game for vape games instead? Vaping makes an excellent substitute for drinking at parties, in fact electronic cigarettes have become a party favourite because ofRead More