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Electronic Cigarettes are dangerous for children

E-cig refills are dangerous for kids

Recent news suggested that people who buy an e-liquid for e-cigarettes can pose threat to the kids. Of course, a person below the age of 18 is not allowed to smoking; however any kid may bump into your drawer and get a taste of it (well, it is very much possible). It says that the nicotine refill cartridges (used as a refill in the e-cigs) could be anytime opened by the children. This can put them at risk for nicotine poisoning.

different e-cigarettes

different e-cigarettes

Is there any solution?

The only solution is to improve the standards of the electronic cigarettes. Improving the standard would mean a better safety standard of the e-liquids. It has also been published that earlier this year there was a sudden rise in the accidental poisoning of the e-liquid wherein the kids would swallow the nicotine from the e-cig refill cartridges.

Did you know that kids who are younger than five are affected the most? Yes, this is the truth. It can be for a simple reason that they don’t really know what nicotine is or how dangerous it is. They may find it a fascinating thing and may gulp it down. Again, the attractive packaging can lure any child to grab the product at once.

What is the degree of severity?

To be true, even a few drops can pose threat to your innocent child. Of course, the condition becomes serious and your child may suffer from cardiac arrest, irregular heartbeat, convulsions and may even drag your child to coma!

The early signs of ingesting liquid nicotine are nausea, burning in the mouth and throat, dizziness, excess saliva, vomiting and weakness. Rush to the doctor without procrastinating. If you try to postpone, the after effects will snatch away your peace.

How to keep kids away from e-cigarettes?

Till the time the safety standards are improved, you can try to keep your kids away from the ills of e-liquid-

  • The very first thing that you can do is keeping the e-cig kit somewhere which is out of reach for your child. It can be a locked cupboard or a locked drawer. Make sure no accessory of e-cigarette is available to your child.
  • Apart from keeping the liquid nicotine hidden, you can try to educate your child about its ill effects. It is possible that they won’t understand, but you can always try to warn them and let them know what these liquids can actually do.
  • Do not smoke in front of them. This can give them an impression of tasting it. Never smoke in front you’re your child. Who knows what their brain is instructing them?

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Be safe, be happy!

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