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Electronic Cigarettes Facts that Every User should know

Even though e-cigarettes do not have tobacco in them, they are still classified under tobacco product by different government agencies around the world. It’s because of the water vapour that it contains also has trace levels, which are approved by FDA so there is no need to worry much about it for those who are hooked in using E-cigarettes. E-cigarettes became famous because they are specially designed to substitute classic cigarettes and tobacco. Even if there are lots of countries that are implementing smoking ban, a lot of smokers find it hard to quit.


e-cigNicotine replacement in the form of E-cigarettes aid in replicating the real feel and experience that classical cigarettes can bring to people, E-cigarettes are very much different because manufacturers make it a point to upgrade the look and the feel that E-cigarettes can bring to the users. It is different in such a way that the nicotine delivery system and smoke simulator will truly satisfy the need of the user. Electronic cigarettes contain a mouthpiece along with a cartridge, and this cartridge contain nicotine solution and flavorings along with the heating element and atomizer as well.


The strength of the e-liquid is typically measured in mg or mL.  The e-liquid, or it may be e-juice depending on what you want to call them, comes in different level of strengths and that may be dependent solely on the manufacturer. Oftentimes, the strength may be as high as 36 to 42mg/mL.  But the question is that how someone can choose the right level of strength in terms of the e-liquid? Well, some just depend on the personal reviews of the users. It will be of help to understand how the product works on your body, the dosage you will get from it before you even try to vape. The nicotine can be absorbed through the skin, by the mouth and through the lungs. In terms of the nicotine absorption, vaping may be compared to loose smoking. You can easily discover how much nicotine is in a cigarette and you can easily discover the absorption rate, though not all of the nicotine in the cigarette ends up in the body.


There is also a battery with LED light at the tip of the cigar. It comes in various sizes and flavors depending on your liking and you can also choose the level of strength that you want. If you are fond of using Marlboro classic, you can look for full strength e-liquids which is the equivalent of the Marlboro classic for E-cigarette users today. It’s nice to find a better alternative to the conventional cigarette, which is not as harmful and damaging to the health too compared to classic cigarettes.  For some, trying out the e-cigarette is a nice and fresh experience for them and most of the time, the enjoy it more than the conventional cigarette. It pays to know what you are vaping and this article wishes to give light to some questions in your mind.

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