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The Importance of Keeping the E-Cig at the Right Temperature

As a vaper, your e-cigarette happens to be the most important tool at your disposal. No wonder why many vapers are known to refer to their e-cigarettes as their best friends and the like. As such, it is something that you want to last for a long time with the proper care. Among the various proper care techniques for e-cigarettes, one of the more important is that you must keep them at the right temperature. Extreme temperatures can harm the devices significantlly.

Generally, an electronic cigarette will be fairly durable. Be that as it may, it is the lithium-ion battery which is the most crucial component in the device. If the battery is exposed to extreme temperatures, it gets ruined pretty easily. It may stop working completely. Alternatively, it can become very slow and not function correctly. It can melt or wrap. In rare situations, the battery may even explode.

Here are a few things that you most definitely should not do with your e-liquid or e-cigarette. In fact, they must be avoided at all costs, if you want to ensure that the device to keep working properly.

Do Not Leave Inside a Hot Car

Even if the outside temperature may not seem that hot to you, you must not leave the device inside the car. The fact is that the inside of the car gets hotter than the outside temperature, especially when the windows are left closed. The temperature will increase further if the car is parked in direct sunlight.

Do Not Leave In Freezing Temperature

You can certainly enjoy having a puff or two in the cold weather while watching the snow fall down. Be that as it may, you should leave the e-cigarette lying around outside in such a cold weather.  If exposed to freezing temperature, it is highly possible for the e-cigarette to freeze. As such, the device can be rendered inoperable and useless. Of course, the battery will be ruined.

Do Not Expose to the Rain

It is possible that you might enjoy vaping your e-cigarette during the rains. However, in no circumstances should you be doing that while you are getting wet in the rain. If you suddenly find yourself caught in the rain, you should always try to get the e-cig to a safe dry place. The batteries in such devices must be protected from water as they are incapable of handling such conditions.

Do Not Use in the Sauna or Shower

Although this seems fairly obvious but you should never use your e-cigarette while in the shower or in the sauna. The idea of vaping with your e-cig in such places may seem to be rather intriguing and enjoyable. However, moisture and humidity are quite dangerous for the battery of the device. As such, if you do indulge in such an activity, you run a major risk of ruining the device.

By keeping your electronic cigarettes at the right temperature, you will be increasing their longevity. This will ensure that you get to enjoy a good vaping experience for a long time.

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