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Having it all with the Smokeless Nicotine Cigarette

The Differences with Some E-Liquids

Switching to something can be difficult if the person involved doesn’t know all the facts. When switching to a vapour device, it’s important to know how much nicotine the liquid contains. In some cases flavourings can contain little or no nicotine e liquid, but it’s possible to have exactly the right amount any time it’s desired by understanding where to look.

In looking at switching to a smokeless nicotine cigarette the key difference is this device produces a vapour rather than smoke. Smoking is the most common way to enjoy the clarity and mood uplift of this alkaloid, but it’s not the most effective. Liquid is derived from the whole tobacco plant, and it can be used to imbue other forms with nicotine. Patches, lollipops and lozenges are currently on the market, all with various amounts of tobacco’s alkaloid added. The vapour is another simple method that unlike smoking allows most of the nicotine to be absorbed by the user of the device. Adding nicotine is not allowed in some locations so it’s necessary to check for differences in e-liquids to ensure they contain a sufficient amount.


vapour from an e-cigarette

vapour from an e-cigarette

Flavourings and Nicotine Amounts

It’s possible to find different strengths, and almost unlimited flavourings with a smokeless nicotine cigarette. Some shops, manufacturers, and producers of e-liquids use strength to denote the amount. Others use the exact measurement. Some use vapour simple for the experience without the components of tobacco added, but for those who are expressly looking for this perk checking with the seller or manufacturer regarding the differences in strength will ensure the best experience. When at a cigarette or vapour shop many will have lists of concern the milligrams found per strength, and this type of list is often found on websites where these products are sold.


Shopping and Gifting

Just as it’s possible for someone to buy cigarettes or tobacco products as a gift, the smokeless cigarette is a great idea when looking something special for a smoker. It’s possible to find kits for someone just getting started, or who wants to try out the e-cigarette. Cartridges are different for some brands, but finding special blends such as rich tobaccos, gourmet flavourings, or even those flavours that mimic well-known cigarette brands are usually a welcome treat for vapour users.


A New Favourite Brand

The best way to develop a favourite brand among the many choices of smokeless nicotine cigarette blends is to start with a dependable device. Most e-cigarettes are now capable of thousands of re-uses, and have either disposable or rechargeable batteries. This type of device is now easily affordable, and with the prices of e-liquids now at a competitive rate most vapour users find this is more economical than smoking. Most brands do not charge more or less by strength, although some gourmet options or blends can be more expensive than other basic selections. Tobacco flavours are usually the most easily found, but other deep flavours are also popular such hickory or cigar flavours.

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