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Understanding E-Cigarette Terms

What are all Electronic Cigarette Terms?

Cigarettes have always had the own vocabulary terms and slang meanings only smokers truly understood. Someone who doesn’t smoke will only offer a quizzical look, if asked to “swing us a durry” for example. Asked if they have any good “butts” on them will also render confusion. These are terms used often by those who smoke in Australia, and elsewhere around the world other terms have passed from generation of smoker to the next. E-cigs in Australia are giving the next generation new terms, but most of these make complete sense in relation to this electronic method of smoking.

Entering a New Age

Electronic uses have become increasing commonplace in most people’s lives. Cars, which were once wholly mechanically, now have on-board computers. Microwaves can cook food in seconds and apps made for personal devices let the cook know the food is ready. A new method of smoking without the messiness and fuss wasn’t really long in the making. Despite the many upsides to vapour, producing device, e-cigarettes didn’t make a strong showing up in markets until recently. As smoking is now problematic for so many smokers vapour is increasing in popularity. Users of these devices have found there are significant differences, and this method is simpler, and easily adapted to their own lifestyle.

What is Vaping?

The term vaping is applied for the action taken by the user in order to draw in the vapor. As the action of drawing in is implemented with the user drawing in on one end of the device the battery is activated, and vapour released. Most of these devices are stylized in the shape of a regular cigarette and are held the same way. Instead of having to use a lighter or matches, however, the action is automatic.

Exploring the Alternatives

In looking at the electronic cigarette in Australia, the change has been faster than in other countries. It’s a normal sight to see someone with a short, thin device emitting a soft cloud of vapour rather than a fog of smoke. This is accomplished as the device filled with the liquid is dissolved in a solution of water and propylene glycol. This also contains nicotine, which is inhaled with the vapour just as it can be from a regular cigarette. The flavour controls the taste, and when anyone decides to buy premium e cigarette nicotine liquid they usually find the experience as satisfying or more satisfactory than when using the tobacco products they’ve enjoyed in the past.

Easier to “Smoke”

The traditional break at mid-morning, after lunch, and another in the afternoon have been taken with a cigarette for a large number of those in Australia. The smokeless break is easier when it’s possible to have the same sensation and lift enjoyed by having a cigarette. The difference is these devices produce no smoke, no odour, and less reason for anyone nearby to find these emissions objectionable. Many have found this is a way to have the same uplift throughout the day no matter where they are.

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