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The Difference in E-Cigarettes

The Noticeable Difference in Electronic Cigarettes

The e-cig in Australia is making a strong showing based on the ease of its use, and the obvious pleasure those using it find. Watching another smoker casually puffing on their e-cigarette is usually the only introduction or advertisement this device requires. Instead of a harsh cloud of smoke and chemicals anyone who makes the decision to buy quality electronic cigarette products receives a fine cloud of taste with the boost offered by nicotine. This is a better all-around experience than smoking, which is the reason so many Australians, are turning away from the standard cigarette pack.


Just as with anything else differences exist between an e-cigarette in Australia that’s sold from a quality manufacturer, and one that was produced cheaply. The difference is typically in how the device works, and the results in terms of vapour, heating element, safety, and in the ease of the design.


Some manufacturers have taken the time to discover how a smoker holds a cigarette, draws in the smoke or vapour, and in how in the product tastes. After all, for most smokers the experience itself has as much to do with taste as it does with having a boost from nicotine. In fact, most people who have smoked for some time point to the overall actions of smoking as both relaxing and stimulating.


E-liquid Flavours and Smoothness

The standard cigarette fluid tastes like tobacco. Favoured almost since the beginning of human history tobacco much like coffee has a slightly bitter undertone, with a woodsy natural scent. Flavoured cigarettes have an additional taste such as cherry, mint, menthol, or cinnamon.  When the choice is to buy an e-liquid or e-juice in Australia, it’s important to look for those that can offer the type of taste most long time smokers are interested in, rather anything too sweet. Using a smokeless device doesn’t mean giving up all the enjoyment experienced with smoking.


The Heating Element

One of the unpleasant aspects of smoking is having the smoke blow back into the face. Almost every smoker has the occasional moment when both smoke and hot ash fall or are blown onto the face or clothing. Unlike having to light paper and tobacco and then quickly smoke the result before it burns up, the heating element of the e-cigarette isn’t initially triggered until the person using it draws from it. The result is a strong puff of vapour full of taste and the uplift of nicotine. There’s no smoke, ash, or heat on the lips, mouth, tongue, throat or lungs. This makes having a cigarette only pleasurable with few downsides.


Losing the Mess

After smoking and turning off the heating element the device is safe once it cools. This is easier than monitor buds to make sure they are extinguished. It also eliminates the need for an ashtray, which must be emptied out. Instead, there’s simply one empty cartridge to be thrown out. The enjoyable aspects of smoking are possible through using an electronic cigarette, but with less of a downside.

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