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The Harder Aspects of Smoking

Using the E-Cigarette with Ease

Switching from smoking to using e-cigarettes usually makes life much easier. Gone are the problems with no smoking signs, the smoker’s cough, and fishing around one’s car or house for a lighter. These are only a few of the reasons the electronic cigarette in Australia is rapidly outpacing the use of tobacco products. When making the decision to buy an e-cigarette starter kit it is necessary to become accustomed to the slight differences in using them.


the best e-cig

the best e-cig

The first puff of a cigarette for most smokers ended with a coughing fit. While the taste of tobacco was clear, the harshness of the smoke entering the mouth, throat, and the smoker’s lungs resulted in coughing. For most who are new to the act of drawing in on a cigarette it takes a few tries to arrive at the best method. Hitting a “hot spot” in which the smoker inhales less tobacco and tastes only the burning paper or filter is a common occurrence for those who use cigarettes. This particular disappointing moment is avoided when someone decides to buy quality electronic cigarette products over using dried tobacco.


Learning to Have a Smoother Experience

The e-cig in Australia, America, and throughout the west is fashioned after a traditional cigarette. These look like long tubes, but in fact there is much more to the workings of this type of device. This is a battery-powered device, which when triggered will heat  e-liquid nicotine into a vapour. Because it produces no smoke or ash it can be carried in a pocket as soon as the heating element cools down. As the person using the electronic device is drawing in vapour instead of smoke, it is necessary to develop a different way of taking a “puff”.


Using the E-Cigarette

The first recommendation for a smoker moving to the electronic version is to buy premium e-liquid so that when making the switch the vapour is flavourful and strong.  The second is to remember the draw from this device doesn’t have to be as strong or as fast as the one used for a cigarette. With most e-cigs taking a draw from the mouthpiece will trigger the heating mechanism and produce the vapour. Draw the vapour into the mouth slowly for three seconds, and then hold the vapour in the mouth. Gently draw the vapour into the lungs from the mouth.


The Benefit of Vapour

Vapour unlike smoke won’t burn or irritate the mouth or the membranes of the nose. Holding the vapour in for five seconds will give the user a generous taste of the flavour before then drawing it into the lungs. The perk from nicotine will take place a few seconds after drawing the vapour into the lungs just as it does with a typical cigarette. This new method of “smoking” is easy to learn after the first few draws. Just as smoking once did this method of having the flavour of tobacco and the perk of nicotine becomes an enjoyable way to take a break.

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