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Try vape games instead of drinking games

Want to try something fun at your next social gathering? Drinking games have been a party favourite for a long time, they’re an excellent way to break the ice or get the party started but unfortunately the effects of binge drinking on the body aren’t so great. If you want to avoid a hangover or protect your liver then why not try swapping your drinking game for vape games instead? Vaping makes an excellent substitute for drinking at parties, in fact electronic cigarettes have become a party favourite because of the wide range of party tricks your can do with vapour clouds and the fact that they offer a much more relaxed vibe in social settings then copious amounts.

Parties don’t have to be all about getting drunk and making bad decisions, have fun without the headache!

Everyone likes a challenge, so substitute the booze for some fun nicotine free e-liquids and get the party started. Here are some ideas for your next get-together.

Cocktail flavoured e-juice

First of all, just because your swapping out alcohol for e-juice doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a tasty cocktail. Try out some fancy party-friendly flavours with your friend and indulge in the challenge of seeing who can blow the biggest clouds. Up the ante by trying out some of the fun party games idea bellow, you’ve probably played them before but never quite like this!

Never have I ever

An easy game to play that many people will remember from high school or university parties is ‘never have I ever’. You’ve probably played this before. It’s a pretty simple concept, basically one person makes a true statement about themselves, like ‘Never have I ever…owned a pet’ and then for everyone that the statement is true for takes a drink – or in this case, takes a draw from the e-cig!

This is a great game for getting to know people and finding out new things about old friends, it’s also a creative and fun ice breaker, and without alcohol in the mix it’s a fun way to get everyone involved without risking it devolving into topics that you may never, ever want to discuss.

TV watching Bingo

Have you and your friends ever sat down and played a drinking game with a tv show like Game of Thrones? People have made drinking games out of tv by creating sets of rules, such as drinking every time a character says their catch-phrase, whenever someone appears on tv, or when certain musical cues are used. It’s a great fun way to get everyone involved and make the most out of a tv show or movie premiere, you can avoid alcohol poisoning by vaping instead. E-cig’s are actually a great match for this kind of drinking game, as tv watching is a pretty relaxed activity, so vaping suits the vibe. No one is likely to get rowdy or talk over the best scenes.

Title of the song

A fun one is to pick a song and vape when the title of the song, or a certain word or line from the song is repeated. In some songs, this could result in you taking quite a few puffs from the e-cig, especially if you pick a catchy pop song that repeats the same words again and again.

These are just a few ideas for fun party past times and twist of age-old traditions, it’s possible to adapt just about every drinking game into a vaping game if your friends are like-minded and enjoy using e-cigarettes as well. Try it for yourself at your next social gathering.

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