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E-cigarette upgrading – a way for a new e-cig

Upgrade your electronic cigarette – the new way

The idea of upgrading seems to come from mobile phones, especially smart phones, where people must have the latest model, despite every model of mobile essentially being the same.

We do have a culture of never being happy, being a bit of a stick in the mind, quite honestly. We don’t seem to like everything as it is, everything needs to be changed!

Some people want to upgrade their e-cigs. Or just a change. Of course the last thing you want for an e-cigarette is for to be exactly the same so every choice is essentially an upgrade or downgrade.

Well, nearly every choice. I’m not sure something like a new colour counts as an upgrade, though some people disagree with me.

Upgrading can get very complicated-what item does my e-cigarette needs changing? Do you need a new coil head? Do you need a new atomizer base? And so on.

Some systems are easier to upgrade than others (Or they may have more choice and create more headaches, depending on your point of view).

It varies from person to person what needs upgrading. Some people want bigger e-cigarettes while others require them to more efficient.

They can chose to get bigger batteries but mean in turn bigger e-cigarettes. Of course big e-cigarettes don’t look all that attractive.

Most batteries work for 1-6 hours, without recharging. It seems a variety of upgraded ones work for 10-12 hours.

You can also have batteries which have a variable voltage. For example one has a unregulated voltage of 4.2v but will drop as the battery runs downs until it obviously runs out. Whereas regulated, it will stay at 3.3v.

Upgraded e-cig batteries can also tell you how many puffs you have taken

You can also get bigger tanks (also known as cartridges). But is bigger even better in this case?

There seems to be a variety of e-cigarettes which appear to be “non-beginner” type-it resembles Doctor Who’s sonic screwdriver. Maybe it’s just the slightly futuristic design and the new name which makes to appear to be an upgrade.

Well if you have two items and one appears to be better than the other, getting the better one must be an upgrade, mustn’t it?

It seems that e-cigarette companies are open to new ideas, so that if you have an example for a possible upgrade, you can always suggests something. You may come up with a total innovation to the e-cig, or a new flavour of e-liquid.

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