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What’s the First Time Like?

The Difference Found in e Cigs with Nicotine

The action of smoking itself is relaxing. Even those who don’t smoke frequently find the experience of using e cigarettes offers the same relaxed feeling. When the liquid used also contains nicotine they also have the special boost this will offer. Not all liquids used for vaping contain nicotine, but those that do can offer the electronic cigarette user much more than a typical smoke.


The first use of an electronic cigarette is a bit easier than other firsts. The first sip of coffee or a pint is usually met with a sputter, and the same is true of the standard cigarette. The first time with inhaling a vapor is a bit easier if you are already accustomed to the taste of tobacco, or if you select a flavor you enjoy. Still, while the action is much like a cigarette, it will take a few tries remembering to draw the vapor into the mouth and hold it a few minutes then letting it be drawn into the lungs to have the same effect. Holding it a few seconds before drawing back will give the user the same feeling at the back of the throat and into the lungs as felt when smoking. With this method, however, there’s seldom the need to cough, as there are no harsh sensations.


Nicotine Liquid Works Best

The use of e cigs with nicotine requires little explanation. The point of smoking tobacco is to have the clarifying stimulant derived from the leaves of this dried plant. In much the same way as caffeine is found in coffee, nicotine is found naturally in dried tobacco leaves. The problem is these are harder to use in a number of ways. Much of this alkaloid is lost in the process of smoking it. While a standard cigarette will contain between 2 to 4mg of nicotine it’s always an uncertainty how much the smoker will consume. Some nicotine is lost in the process of using an electronic cigarette, but this method is much more efficient than smoking.


The Best Liquid Contents

Using “e-juice” as it is sometimes called is easier, because using exact amounts is much simpler than tobacco products such as dried tobacco or chewing tobacco. The e cigs with nicotine e liquid will contain 0% to 5.4% nicotine. In most cases, whether buying in person or online it’s not difficult to find out the amount contained in the fluid. In fact, most manufacturers and those who sell e-cigarettes offer a variety of strengths so finding the correct levels will not be a complicated process.


Better Efficiency and Lower Cost

Some people have found they also save money by shopping for cartridges over the money spent regularly for a pack of cigarettes for the week. Unlike the contents of the dried tobacco, which are meant to affect the smoke’s taste, the ingredients of the e cigarette liquid with nicotine are meant to increase not only flavor, but also the efficiency of producing the vapor. For those using the device this delivers a productive vapor mist with a better quality of flavor, and quantity of nicotine.

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