Ego Necklace for Ego-T E Cigarettes

The Ego Necklace for Ego-T Cigarettes are perfect for e-cigarettes on the go along with those who want to have their e-cigarette on hand for a quick e-cig moment. The necklace is black and fits any neck size. The necklace just attaches to the centre of the collar and will not fall off. Rest assure that the necklace will stay attached to your ciggy.

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The package contains:

1 x eGo Necklace

Colour: black


What is it?

They are designed to enable users to inhale vapour (which can contain nicotine or non-nicotine juice) into their bodies. The main difference between e-cigs and tobacco one is that they contain none of the harmful tar and toxic chemicals produced by burning tobacco. They come in a range of shapes, sizes and styles, but the format is similar in that they are all made up of a battery and a cartomizer which contains the e-liquid.


What does a person need to get started?
Those who are aged over 18 and have made a decision to try out them, usually opt for a e-cig starter kit to get them going. These kits usually include at least one battery, a charger, e-liquid and various end fittings depending on what model is chosen. It is important to have an atomiser as this heats the e-liquid to produce the vapour; a cartridge which holds the e-liquid, or a cartomizer which contains an atomiser and a cartridge in one unit. Some people might opt for an atomiser and a cartridge which is a 3 piece unit including the battery and some people might opt for a cartomizer which is a 2 piece unit including the battery.


It is recommended that 2 rechargeable batteries are purchased so that one can be on charge whilst the other is in use. Most people who are new to reusable e-cigs opt for an automatic battery over a manual one for ease of use.


necklace for ego e-cigaretteE-liquid
At our shop is a huge range of e-liquids to choose from. They tend to be PG-based (Propylene Glycol) or VG-based (Vegetable Glycerin). They have a non-nicotine content - zero strength and they come in a large range of different flavours. It is important for people to try out different brands and flavours to decide what they prefer as taste is a personal preference.


How do I start smoking an e-cig?
Setting up and starting to smoke it is an easy and straightforward process. On receiving it give the battery a charge to condition the battery.


2-piece units
To set up a 2-pice units which include a battery and a filled cartomizer, simply screw the cartomizer onto the charged battery. Start with a gentle inhale as the taste and experience is different to that of a tobacco one.


3-pice units

To set up a 3-piece unit which includes an atomiser, a cartridge and a battery, start by screwing the atomiser into the battery. Next carefully drop 3 drops of e-liquid into the atomiser then attach an empty cartridge. Puff on it several times to burn off the primer. Then detach the empty cartridge, drip a further 2 drops of e-liquid into the atomiser, attach the filled cartridge onto the atomiser and it is now ready to use.


The important thing is for those new to e-ciggies to give different brands and flavours a try to see what best suits them.

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    By on 24 July 2014 :

    Title : ego necklace
    Comment : it is very useful when you go out or at work, definitely recommend it for all ego ciggies

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    By on 08 Apr. 2014 :

    Title : Ego necklace
    Comment : The Ego necklace fits all Ego-T ciggies and perfect for anyone that needs or wants to carry their ecigs with ease.

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