eGo-t LCD 1100 Battery

Manufactured to a very high quality, this battery has the power reserves to match it. It can deliver over eight hundred puffs from a single charge, and with a superbly long lifespan this battery requires less charging, making it easier for you and better for the environment. It also uses the 5 click on off system, saving accidental usage when stored and promoting longer battery life even further.

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How to prolong the battery life

Gone are the days when multiple batteries were needed to make a device work for a short period of time. Batteries today are often rechargeable and designed to last much longer than disposables. Rechargeable batteries can be used lots of times and are much kinder to the environment as well as more economical.

electronic cigarette LCD battery

Most e-cigs are supplied with lithium-ion batteries which are designed to last longer before needing to be recharged. However, like any battery they do eventually wear out and need replacing. The good news is that there are things that can be done to prolong the life of a battery and these are listed below:


Think about where a battery is stored

There are certain places that it isn't a good idea to store an e-cig to prevent damage to its battery and reduce the life of the device. Places include direct sunlight, extremes of temperature and away from water. It is also a good idea to store it in a protective case or in a stand holder to prevent it becoming damaged if it is dropped. The best place to store a battery is somewhere dry, dark and not too hot or cold; an ideal place would be an inside drawer or cupboard.


Regularly use a battery

The lithium-ion batteries contained in e-ciggies are designed to be used regularly, ideally on a daily basis. The more the batteries are used, the better they perform as the more easily power will flow through them.


Ensure all stored batteries are fully charged

Ideally batteries should be stored with a full charge. Storing them with half or less of their full charge means they will drain more quickly as the battery will have to work harder to deliver power.

Change a battery before it drains

It is a good idea to recharge a battery before it totally drains as it is easier to charge it while it still has some life in it. Waiting until it is totally drained before recharging will reduce its lifespan; it is best to recharge when there is about half the battery power left. This is one of the reasons why many e-smokers like to keep spare batteries on them.


Remove the battery as soon as it's charged
When charging a battery, it is best to remove it from its power source as soon as it is fully charged. This is to ensure that the battery is not over charged which can reduce its lifespan.


Disconnect the cartomizer from the battery when storing 
If it isn't going to be used for a period of time, it is advisable to disconnect the cartomizer from the battery as it will continue to drain the e-liquid, even when it's not in use. Disconnecting the cartomizer from the battery increases the time between charges, decreasing the number of recharges needed which ultimately means a longer period of time before a new battery is needed.



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