E-pipe Battery

This replacement battery is for use with an electronic pipe only. If, like many others, you enjoy using your e  pipe and derive pleasure from it, always make sure you have an extra battery or two in reserve. Avoid situations where you settle down comfortably to enjoy using your e pipe, only to run out of power. Order a spare battery today.

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In the past, tobacco cigs, pipes and chewing tobacco were the only means available if one wanted to get nicotine into their body. They came onto the market and changed all this. They provided an extra alternative that did not need a lighter or match, did not leave any pungent smell or ash, and there was no risk of accidental fires caused by a carelessly dropped butt.

electronic pipeThis new product attracted some tentative smokers to try it and soon the number of users stared growing by the second. Today, there are millions of users in almost every country and the numbers are predicted to double every few years.

Many are asking, can they still smoke while using them? Technically speaking, the answer is yes, but there are factors that will compel you to choose one over the other and go exclusive.

Cough. Most ordinary smokers develop a smoker’s cough that stays with them as a permanent feature of their life. When they try e-cigs, they quickly notice that the cough subsides significantly within a few months. Because of this benefit, most of them end up making a total switch to them in order to completely get rid of the cough.

Cost differences. When smokers compare what they spend on them and what vaping costs them, they soon discover that it makes no economic sense to keep up their smoking habit. Vaping is way cheaper and since they derive the same pleasure from vaping as when they smoke, the decision to totally switch to e-cigs becomes very easy.

Odour. The easiest way to tell a chronic smoker is by the smell that hangs around them wherever they pass. This unpleasant odour is something they have come to reluctantly accept as a price they have to pay for their addiction. When these people try e-cigs, they are pleasantly surprised to realize that there is no smell sticking to their clothes and bodies all day long. This overwhelming discovery makes them cherish e-cigs for they offer them the same satisfaction while getting rid of an odour that is so unpleasant that some people keep a distance away from them to avoid it. Thus, smokers end up permanently switching to e-ciggies so that they can enjoy an odour-free life.

Convenience. E-cigs can be used almost anywhere without causing any offense to those around, or risking an explosion in case highly flammable substances are present in the vicinity. This gives former smokers a freedom they have not felt in a very long time so they make the conscious decision to permanently abandon the tobacco ones that come with so many strings attached.

As seen in the foregoing, most smokers switch to them permanently because of the massive benefits of e-cigs. There are only a few cases of people that try out them and revert to tobacco ones citing the “unnatural” feel of the e-cigs in their fingers. Such people fail to give themselves chance to get used to e-cigs and the fact that they are so few in this category indicates that they are an insignificant minority.



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