E-pipe Atomizer

Turn that smooth eliquid into delicious vapour with this E-pip Atomizer. This is the piece that actually heats up the liquid, which is then converted to vapour. It’s a high powered atomizer that gives your e-pipe a rich, satisfying plume of vapour. It works only on the E-Pipe. If you’ve noticed your vapour isn’t quite as delicious as it once was, then it may be time to replace your atomizer.


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Electronic Pipe Atomizer

electronic pipe


Top Reasons to Choose E-liquids over Cartomizers

There are many choices for users. Smokers can use e-liquids or cartomizers for their smoking experience. Here are some reasons why you should choose e-liquids over cartomizers.


Compared to cartomizers, e-liquids (in a clearomizer) provide more flavours and taste from the juice. Smokers using the cartomizers don’t get as strong of a taste because they are tasting the filler. Another advantage of using e-liquids is that they will produce the best throat hits from the atomizer, delivering superb quality to the user.

Ideal for Users

E-liquids are a great option for those smokers who regularly use them and finish their cartridges quickly. They are also ideal for beginners who are just starting to use them or are looking for something new.


Because they are relatively cheaper than pre-filled cartridges, e-liquids can help you save money in the long run. This is perfect for budget conscious consumers who are looking for cheaper alternatives or beginners who are interested in a trial version.

Taste Retention

If you are having repeat problems or issues with the cartridges, e-liquids for e-cigs might be a good solution for your smoking needs. Cartomizers generally lose their taste at a faster rate, and many users feel that the flavour is weaker than with e-liquids.

Better Performance

The dripping process for e-liquids generally results in better performance because it gives smokers better control over the product. Though it can be more time consuming, the results are definitely worth it. The cartomizers usually last for an entire day or slightly longer depending on how frequently you use the them. Dripping is a way to create vapour clouds and improve flavour in the process. This process involves the adding of e-liquids to the atomizer from the bottle. This will eliminate the requirement for a cartridge that usually includes filler material, which reduces the vapour amount that enters the mouth. You should buy a hollow drip tip that attaches itself to the part of the them where the cartomizer would normally be.

Another simple and fuss-free way to increase the vapour production of e-liquids is to have a low resistance attachment in place of the cartomizer. Keep your e-ciggy and e-liquids in tip top condition to enjoy your smoking experience. Try not to overfill when you are refilling the e-liquids. When the heating coil's wick is flooded by too much e-liquid, the excessive liquids can block the bottom hole of the cartomizer, leading to a reduction of vapour.



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