USB charger for Ego/510/510-t/Aussie Dragon

The USB charger for all Ego e-cigarette types, 510, 510-t and Aussie Dragon attached quickly and effectively to the e-cig stem. The USB charger is perfect for charging on the laptop, desktop computer or notebook. Keep your e-cigarette charged and ready when you choose the USB charger that is designed for the eGo, 510, 510-t and Aussie Dragon Kit.

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Rapidly becoming the choice for smokers, e-cigarettes are designed and created to look and feel like traditional tobacco one. These new alternatives are becoming popular among smokers, and here are some reasons why e-liquids and they are picking up momentum in their usage.

Smoke Volume

The e-liquids in e-ciggies can produce vapour and smoke volumes that give the user a full feeling when inhaled. The difference in vapour is nothing short of amazing. One will need to see and experience the vapour to fully understand how impressive it is.


When e-liquids first hit the market, flavours were one of the best things that they were known for. With a large variety of e-liquids of varying flavours and tastes, smokers are spoiled for choices when it comes to decision time. There are traditional flavours like Mint, quirky ones like Vanilla Cake and exotic ones like Sea Waves.

No Odour

Many smokers love e-cigs and e-liquids for their odourless nature. As opposed to traditional tobacco ones, one can smoke yet leave their car, house and clothes smelling fresh and clean with them. Gone are the days when smokers reeked of strong one smoke.

No More Butts

With e-liquids and ecigs, smokers will no longer have messy one and ash butts lying around. The only thing to enjoy in them is the rich flavour and taste. There are no end products to clean up, making it one of the top reasons why smokers love their eciggies.


E-juice are considerably less expensive than traditional ones. This could potentially save the smoker a lot of money in the long run. Each cartomizer is comparable to one and a half packs of traditional ones, but it can provide the smoker with more mileage while using them.


With more and more “no smoking” signs coming up, there are less smoking areas for traditional tobacco cigs smokers. As e-liquids in them do not emit smoke and have no ash and odour, they are allowed in many indoor places where traditional ones are banned. Do alert the staff who work at the establishment because the vapour of the electronic devices can be easily mistaken as tobacco once smoke.

With so many advantages of e-liquids and ecigs, it is easy to see why they are gaining popularity among smokers.


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