Ego-t Battery

The Ego-t Battery offers a long lasting battery life. Never be without a charged battery when you carry an extra battery with you at all times. The battery is compatible with the Ego-T clearomizer and atomizer. The battery is black. It comes with a safety locking system that allows the user to lock the battery when it is not being used.

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SYSTEM "5-click" 

This starter kit has the "5-click" System. It means that the battery can be switched off. To turn on the battery, you should press the manual button 5 times within 2 seconds.The lock system protects the device against accidental operation while wearing it.



Keeping it in ...


When you have it you have to make sure that you are taking the necessary steps to keep it working properly. If you do not take care of it you will find that it is not going to work like you want it to. Or, it will work great for a short time and then it will no longer work like it did when you first purchased it. Either way, you will be completely disappointed. There are a few things that you should do to keep it clean and working the right way.


e-cigarette batteryYou must start by cleaning the battery one or two times each month. If you are worried that you are going to forget to do this then you can write it on your calendar. This will ensure that you never forget to clean it. If you use the device on a regular basis you may even want to think about cleaning the batter a little more often.


As you clean the battery it is important to be sure that you are using a dry cloth. You never want to allow any water or moisture to enter the battery. This will only damage it. Keeping it dry will keep it working for a long time. All you want to do is look on the threading that is on the battery and wipe off any dirt that you see. You may notice that the dirt is really built up if you have not cleaned the battery for some time.


Now, your battery may have two small holes on it. These are actually the air passageways. They can become clogged and it will effect the way that your e-cig works. However, you should never put water in these holes. Find a small pin and use it to get any dirt and build-up out of these holes. Be gentle as you do not want to rush and push the dirt down further in the holes.


Some batteries will have a small hole that is located between the inner metal ring and the outer threading. Look at your battery to see if this exists. If your device’s battery has this air passageway as well you need to use the small pin to clean this hole out as well as the others.


If you have an e-cigarette and you have been using it for some time you may notice that it is not working like it did when you first received it. Many people think that there is a problem with the cartridge, or the catomizer. But, it may simply need to be cleaned. It is always wise to try cleaning it before you get rid of any cartridges or purchase a new atomizer. This can save you time and money. Once you get the hang of cleaning your device you will see that it is not going to take that long. You can make it a habit that will keep it working properly for years to come. Then you will not have to purchase a new one.


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    By on 06 Apr. 2014 :

    Title : 5 click system is great!
    Comment : This will save battery life when an unexpected accidental operation occurs.

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    By on 06 Apr. 2014 :

    Title : 5 click system is great!
    Comment : This will save battery life when an unexpected accidental operation occurs.

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