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Are e-cigarettes "pure satisfaction"?

2014-07-07 18:24:21

I don't know, aren't they? It depends what you mean by pure, doesn't it? Is any vice-like a cream cake or a pint of amber nectar "pure"? Or does pure mean natural, lacking additives, organic even? Certainly this doesn't apply to e-cigarettes....

Selecting the Best E-Cig

2014-07-03 19:44:55

Selection Process for E-cigs     Buying an e-cigarette in Australia does require some thought. Choosing the best e-cig is not a matter of selecting one that is the most visually appealing. Furthermore, many individuals are misguided...

Introduction - eciggies

2014-07-01 17:55:03

Why the topic ‘electronic cigarettes in Australia’ is becoming popular? You will be really wondering whether why it is so important to know about the state of e-cigarettes in Australia. This is because of the regulations that were put forward...

E-cig Maintenance

2014-06-25 21:02:40

E-cigarettes in Australia have become a much desired commodity. However, like most commodities, the e-cig will require maintenance in order to extend the life of the product. The correct maintenance methods, exercised with consistency, will help...

Converting to E-cigarettes - best time

2014-06-24 11:37:41

There are quite a number of smokers who are converting to the e-cigarette in Australia as well as other parts of the world. Many individuals are not very fond of the odor and smoke that is aligned with smoking an actual cigarette. These factors...

How to choose an e-liquid with nicotine?

2014-06-24 09:23:22

Much like any other form of consumption that a buyer will do, there needs to be the selection of the perfect fit. If the user of an e-cig wishes to buy an e-liquid with nicotine then they will have to find the one that has the one that is just...

Essential e-cig hardware and supplies

2014-06-24 09:02:07

Using the e-cig in Australia has become quite the norm despite the fact there are bans trying to be placed against them. In order to keep the e-cig working, there are some parts that will take some special attention or may need to be replaced...

The component parts of an e-cig

2014-06-23 09:43:28

Though you would be ill -advised to split an E Cigarette in two to find out its inner workings-it is not the same as opening the back of a watch and seeing what makes it tick-this is precisely what this article is about. As might be...

What are the similarities and differences?

2014-06-15 12:43:39

Electronic cigarettes are modern devices that operate with batteries. They look like a regular cigarette and provide satisfaction that smokers find in the regular cigarettes. The two have similarities and differences, and a smoker can use to use...

Common ingredients in e-liquids

2014-06-14 12:37:00

Propylene Glycol This is a type of mineral oil that is made from carbohydrates and yeast, and it keeps the flavours intact inside the e liquids. If the e liquids did not have propylene glycol, then the e liquids' shelf lives would not be...


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