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Tips on smoking and maintaining e cigarettes

2014-06-13 12:31:30

Your cigarette's battery is an important part of the cigarette and here are ways to ensure that your battery lasts a long time. Don't overcharge the battery as this could ruin it, and never use battery chargers from a brand that's different from...

Current news regarding regulation

2014-06-13 12:10:38

The debate goes on about if and how e cigarettes will be regulated by the federal government through official laws and through the Federal Drug Administration. The American Medical Association recently stated that they feel the e cigs industry...

Quitting smoking with an e-cig

2014-06-09 12:45:16

Is it possible to Quit Smoking with an Electronic Cigarette? If you are a smoker then you will most likely have come across the idea of an e-cig. This works in much the same way as a traditional cigarette insofar as the fact that it...

Choosing an e-liquid

2014-06-08 15:21:40

If you have an e-cigarette with a refillable cartridge then it is likely that eventually you will be on the search for some e-liquid to fill it up again for you. It is also likely that you will be baffled by the amount of options on the market....

Electronic Cigarette Facts

2014-06-07 12:21:35

Looking into the idea of purchasing an e-cigarette? Well, here are a couple of facts that you SHOULD know before you make a purchase: There is NO burning involved with an ecig. This means that you are not going to have a lighter handy. It...

The global acceptance

2014-06-02 12:13:05

INVENTION OF E-CIG The electronic cigarette was invented by a pharmacist, named Hon Lik from China. Hon Lik was a heavy smoker and used to consume three to four packets on a daily basis, which is quite usual with the Chinese, traditionally...

How safe are e-liquids?

2014-06-01 11:12:27

The liquid which electronic cigarettes vaporize to create the smoke found in a traditional cigarette is called E-Liquid. Large varieties of E-Liquids are found. They are available in variety of different flavours and the content of nicotine in...

The informed transition

2014-05-30 11:09:37

Gone are the days of misplacing your lighter and hunting for that ever-elusive matchbox whenever you want a puff. With a Midas touch of technology, the traditional cigarette has transformed into the sleek, portable and efficient mechanical...

The benefits of e-cigarettes over the traditional ones

2014-05-28 15:21:03

Many people are switching from the traditional cigarettes to these new, modern e-cigarettes. There is a huge difference between the two, other than just the mechanism, once you try these e-cigarettes, you will definitely know, what makes them...

E-cigarettes - a smarter and green approach towards smoking

2014-05-28 15:15:17

You know you can’t smoke the cigarette in your office or at other public places, smoking is banned at many places owing to the tobacco and smoke they produce. Well, what if I tell you that you can smoke at public places? Not really smoking, it...


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