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Regulatory clampdown

2014-05-11 17:01:51

Why Regulatory Clampdowns On Menthol Are Of Concern To E-Cig Advocates. The FDA in America has been paying a more than cursory interest to menthol cigarettes on the market. They even put out information that they would be reviewing the...

What kind of electronic cigarette research would satisfy critics?

2014-05-10 11:43:57

Some electronic cigarette enthusiasts feel deflated every time some research comes to light explaining an aspect of e-cigs and that research is received with a lot of scepticism or dismissed outright by opponents. While some people will...

Questions on the use of nicotine free e-cigs as placebos

2014-05-09 15:39:02

A recent study on e-cigs in New Zealand used nicotine free electronic cigarettes as a placebo as researchers sought to establish the role that electronic cigarettes can play in smoking cessation. One group of subjects were put on zero-nicotine...

How have tobacco cigarettes influenced the development of e-cigs?

2014-05-07 12:25:18

The electronic cigarette industry loves to hate tobacco cigarettes. It seems wherever an e-cig turns, there is always something about ordinary ciggies that stands in its way. How intertwined are these two, really? History....

Controversy as pregnant woman vapes rather than smoke

2014-05-06 13:18:36

It has not yet been clearly proved that e-cigs are harmful to an unborn child but the dangers of nicotine are clearly known so that can be a good enough reason to halt the use of e-cigs once one is pregnant. As for the harm of smoking to an...

Are e-cigs losing value to novel vapers?

2014-05-05 17:25:53

The bug tobacco effect has haunted the smoking fraternity, and left behind previous consequences. As individuals sought to retrace their steps back to the smoke free world, the e-cigarette appeared on the scene albeit unexpectedly. The history...

Finding e-cigarette in Australia

2014-05-04 11:30:36

How to Find the Cheapest Electronic Cigarettes Products on the Internet E-cigarettes in Australia are becoming more and more popular as people make the switch from regular tobacco brands, or decide to switch over from other Australian...

Buying an e-cigarette

2014-05-04 11:29:37

Do You Know the Factors to Consider Before Buying an Electronic Cigarette? Check This Out E-cigarettes, unlike traditional ones, involve many issues. These include factors to consider before buying them, different flavours to choose from,...

E-cig Cartridges

2014-05-04 11:28:29

Electronic Cigarettes: E-liquids vs. Prefilled Cartridges Users who are new to e-cigarettes may be wondering whether it is better to purchase prefilled cartridges or refill them with e-liquids. Electronic cigarette cartridges consist of...

Why Are Some E-Cigs Very Expensive?

2014-05-04 11:26:24

? Any user of electronic cigarettes will be shocked at the way in which prices of different brands vary widely. If one is new to e-cigs, they may be very confused by this variation given that some people associate high prices with high quality....


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