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What characterize it?

2014-05-04 11:25:19

What Symptoms Characterize Switching To Vaping? When one makes the switch from smoking tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, there are some very clear things that happen and these symptoms are your body’s reaction to the change...

The beginner’s guide to e-cigarettes

2014-05-04 11:24:01

? Not everyone is an experienced smoker and even those with a regular habit of conventional cigarettes can be a beginner when it comes e-cigarettes. So what are the basics? What are the things any newbie needs to know to best understand what...

Is Secondhand Smoke from E-Cigarettes Risky?

2014-05-04 11:22:09

The tobacco industry has seen its fair share of controversies, one being the endless campaigns to stop smokers to quit their habit. Perhaps the good news in this context has been the emergence of electronic cigarettes. These battery powered...

Toss Disposable E-cigarettes Aside

2014-05-04 11:20:59

Are you afraid of commitment? If so, you may prefer disposable e-cigarettes to non-disposable ones. If you are not yet ready to ditch the disposables, there are a few factors that may change your mind. Disposable e-cigs are cheap and convenient,...

How Can One Become A Model Vaper?

2014-05-04 11:19:17

The electronic cigarette community has been having a good time, generally speaking, save for the bans that are being imposed in various jurisdictions as well as the misinformation that keeps showing up in various media. Vapers seem to...

What Is Wrong With Having Only One Product Line?

2014-05-04 11:17:46

There is a vape shop somewhere in the US. The owner of this particular shop is a vaper himself and having sampled a few different products on the market, he came across one that so completely met his needs that he now sees no reason to keep...

Can Electronic Cigarettes Be Used As A Preventive Device?

2014-05-03 15:56:36

As the beneficial effects of electronic cigarettes to former smokers become more apparent, there are possibilities that these devices could be used in preventive care to ward off the ailments that afflict people once they smoke for a long time....

Are US Jails Silently Switching To Electronic Cigarettes?

2014-05-03 15:54:05

Since August last year, there are at least two corrections facilities in the US that have been selling electronic cigarettes to their inmates instead of letting them have cigarettes. A jailhouse in Tennessee and another in Phoenix have taken the...

2 Alternatives To Tobacco And Medicine In E-Cig Regulation

2014-05-03 15:51:21

In every country that has grappled with how to classify electronic cigarettes, two options have always been seen as the only ones. One is to look at e-cigs as tobacco products and the other is to regard them as pharmaceutical products. Both of...

Do E-cigarettes Reinforce The Smoking Habit?

2014-04-17 19:39:28

A newspaper article in the UK recently said that e-cigs are doing harm to efforts of people to quit smoking using the approved methods like lozenges, patches and gum. This is because electronic cigarettes encourage the physical habits of holding...


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