Does the e-cigarette look different?

2013-12-08 21:01:45

What is this Electronic Cigarette Craze?

Electronic cigarettes, also called smokeless, vapour or e-cigarettes has gotten a lot of news lately in many places. They are showing up in places like restaurants, airports, and even on television and in commercials with famous actors or actresses using them and touting them to their fans.

e-cigarette starter kitDoes the e-cig look different?

An electronic cigarette looks similar to a traditional cigarette most of the time, but can also be made in the form of other shapes and sizes. Some can even look like a pipe or a cigar. An e-cig comes in three sections. These include the flavour cartridge where the e-juice mixture is stored, the atomizer or vaporizer mechanism, and the rechargeable battery; which is a lithium ion type of battery.

In many cases an user will find that the e-cig is the same colour as a traditional cigarette and looks like it has a brown tip and white body just like it too. When they inhale on it, they will find that the fake smoke that is produced by the heating up of the e-juice will look almost the same as real smoke as well.

The e-liquid is composed of plain water, propylene glycol, some sort of flavouring and a level of nicotine or some come in a non-nicotine format. This is the mixture that gives an electronic cigarette its flavour. They come in many assorted flavours from tobacco to strawberry to chocolate to menthol or just about anything you may imagine.

Are electronic cigarettes like tobacco products?

They are like tobacco products in some ways, but are very different in other ways. They may look similar to the traditional cigarette shape in many cases. The e-ciggies contain absolutely no tobacco at all and are not even a combustible product because they produce no flame or burning whatsoever.

No Fires, Plus They Are A Green Alternative

Since they don’t have a flame and are battery powered, an e-cig also won’t cause a forest fire or a home fire. Since some people have been known to fall asleep as they smoke, it would be safer since it would merely turn off and not cause any burning at all to occur.

Plus, there is no pollution caused due to dirty ashes falling from a lit cigarette since there are no ashes produced by an electronic cigarette, nor are there any butts to litter up the ground. This makes electronic cigarettes a greener option and they are therefore more eco-friendly than tobacco cigarettes as well.

Another reason they are greener is that the e-juice flavour cartridges can be refilled and don’t end up in the trash or littering the ground. Depending on the brand, these can be refilled with e-liquid you buy in little bottles or that you can mix up yourself.

So, How Do the Electronic Cigarettes Work?

Users will find that an e-cigarette is easy to smoke. All they have to do is inhale on it and an electronic sensor in it will activate and cause a special heating chip to heat up the e-liquid flavour mixture inside the flavour cartridge. This causes the e-juice to vaporize and give the users the flavour or deliver the nicotine to their lungs. It also may turn on an orange light at the end of the electronic cigarette as some brands do this to simulate a flame.

The vaporizing also is what makes the fake smoke come out, which as stated before is not real smoke, and is more like a fog machine or the fake smoke like you may have seen in a club or fire house demo.

The bottom line is that many users are turning to instead of smoking tobacco products for many reasons. They are greener for the environment, safer because they can’t catch on fire, and they still deliver the taste that they desire to have in a smoking experience.


2013-12-09 13:45:26

Sounds great! Just added it to my read list. Look forward to hearing more about it :-)

Office Rat
2013-12-12 11:42:53

My flat mate is a chain smoker and swears he can spot an e-cig from a mile away, but from my experience, they look about the same as regular cigarette at first glance.

2013-12-13 15:23:32

I’d love to see what the e-cigar looks like.  Do you have any in-stock?

2013-12-16 20:33:08

What is it like to smoke these cigarettes? 

2013-12-17 10:08:08

I love that there is so much less waste with these cigarettes.  No second hand smoke to worry about, no butts, much less packaging and they are reusable.  My grandmother is on a pension, so cost is an issue she really worries about.  With e-cigarettes, the bulk of the cost is upfront, but over time the savings are incredible.

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