Vaper Questions

2013-12-17 11:36:12

Top Questions That People Ask?

Any seasoned vaper will tell that before he or she took up an e-cigarette in their mouth, they had lots of questions that they wanted urgent answers to. The fact that they are now faithful vapers means that those questions were satisfactorily answered or they would never have given the device a try.

That same inquisitive spirit is still present among those who not only want to try the electronic cigarette, but also those that just want to know what it is all about, even if they have no intention of vaping or indeed smoking.

questionsSo, what are the top ten questions that people are asking about electronic cigarettes? The following list, in a random order, outlines what those queries on everyone’s mind are when they encounter electronic cigarettes.

1.  Are e-cigs as “good” as traditional cigarettes?

2.  Are there any restrictions?

3.  How long can they last before you have to buy another one?

I bet each one of you has encountered these questions, or others similar to them, as you interact with non-vapers and I am almost certain that you now know all the answers to the questions above, unless you are just a few hours old in the community of vapers!

The list may not have included all the questions people are asking, but it covers some of the most commonly asked ones. So, how do you react in the face of these questions?

A close look at the questions reveals that they are all positive in a sense that they express a desire to learn or understand, and most of these questions indirectly say the person asking is looking forward to sampling the e-cig!

Understanding this psychological leaning should lead you to do everything in your power to truthfully answer those queries as your answers will lead to a better understanding of what electronic cigarettes are, and how they work.

With better understanding come reduced side glances at vapers as well as tolerance for them. This means more freedom to vape in more and more places since the community will have understood that vaping poses no risks to those near the person using the device.


2013-12-17 11:52:03

I am the analytical type and I usually take my time before trying out a new product. I want to read all there is to read and then make up my mind whether it is wise to take the plunge. That is exactly how I approached e-cigarettes. What I read convinced me it was worth checking out so I bought my first e-cig kit. I must say I should never have doubted this product for my cough disappeared almost immediately and I now sleep peacefully.

Bella 1234
2014-02-14 13:10:53

They are just as good as traditional cigs. A little different but still good. -b

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