Switching to e-cigs

2013-12-20 12:36:17

How switching to e-cigarettes can give you a new smile

Your smile is important as it is one of the first things people will see when they look at you. Having a great smile usually means you have shiny white teeth and fresh breath; it can also give you an improved appearance and increased self-confidence. However, if you smoke traditional tobacco cigarettes then it will be obvious to other people by the adverse appearance of your teeth.


How are smoking tobacco cigarettes harmful to your teeth?

Tobacco has been proved to be highly detrimental to a person's oral health. Smoking tobacco over a long period of time causes a list of negative side effects on your teeth and gums; it causes a build-up of plaque and tartar, teeth discoloration, gum issues, bad breath and can cause tooth decay which can lead to tooth loss. These issues are discussed in the list below:


smoking• Tar and ash can quickly lead to a build up of plaque and tartar on your teeth which can lead to gum disease and eventually could lead to tooth loss

• The tar contained in cigarettes can lead to teeth becoming tinged yellow which no amount of brushing will remove. The only way to make teeth white again is by having them professionally cleaned

• Smoking can cause an array of gum problems as it restricts blood flow to the gums which can prevent wounds healing after dental surgery and eventually lead to gum disease and tooth loss

• Bad breath is another issues for smokers of tobacco cigarettes as the smoke produced lingers on the their breath causing an offensive odour which can be off putting to other people

• Smoking tobacco cigarettes can also increase a person's risk of developing oral cancer


Do e-cigarettes provide a better option?

E-cigarettes definitely pose fewer risks to a person's oral health. Firstly, they have no offensive odour as they only produce a water vapour and no smoke which means that you will never have bad breath when smoking an e-cigarette; in fact, as e-cigs come in such a wide variety of flavours your breath could even smell of mint or chocolate! Electronic cigarettes don't contain any tobacco or tar, so there is nothing to cause a build up of plaque or tartar on your teeth, discolour them or cause any other negative effect to the gums. All of this means that savings will be made as you will need less trips to the dentist, so less money will be spent on uncomfortable oral healthcare treatment.

Tobacco smoking and teeth are not a healthy combination. However, the good news is that e-cigarettes can be beneficial to a person's oral health as they don't contain any tobacco or tar which causes much of the damage to a person's teeth and gums. E-cigs are not a guarantee that you will never experience any dental problems but they definitely offer a positive alternative to tobacco and less chance of developing multiple problems with oral health.



2013-12-27 22:07:25

It’s pretty horrifying to think of the long-term effects of regular cig use on your teeth. I know from personal experience that it’ll be good to stop smoking them – I look at my Dad (a smoker for decades) and I really don’t want to go the same way and end up with yellow teeth!

2013-12-29 03:15:15

Hopefully I’ll be able to keep my teeth in good condition now I’m using e-ciggies. Over the years I’ve spent a fair amount of cash on having dental work done, most of which, it’s fair to say, can be attributed to my 20 a day habit up until recently. One day we’ll look back on the days of cigarettes and wonder what we were all thinking.

2014-02-21 17:52:51

I switched and did it without a hitch. You should too.

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