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2014-01-05 16:07:42

The Benefits of Using Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are devices that are powered by battery and simulate the smoking of tobacco. The development of this type of cigarette is of great benefit to smokers as they can smoke with a lot of convenience even in places where smoking of the traditional cigarette is not allowed. It has many benefits that the traditional cigarette cannot offer without compromising the general satisfaction of smoking.


e-cigs benefitsWhat Are the Benefits of Using Electronic Cigarettes?

There are many benefits of using this type of cigarette compared to the traditional cigarette. Here are some of the benefits that are associated with this product:


You Will Enjoy the Freedom to Smoke Anywhere with Electronic Cigarettes

There are some places where the traditional cigarette is not allowed while electronic cigarettes are allowed in some places. This is because the e-cigarette emits vapour instead of smoke. The traditional cigarette will emit tar or smoke, which is not allowed in some public places while the e-cigarette emits vapour that does not have any effect in a public place.


You Will Enjoy More Flavour Options with Electronic Cigarettes

With the traditional cigarette, the flavours are limited to menthol and tobacco only whereas the e-cigarette has a wide variety of flavours to choose from. Some of the flavours include pina colada, cherry, peach schnapps, and many more. This will not only satisfy your smoking desires but will also make your smoking enjoyable.


There is No Nasty Smell with Electronic Cigarettes

Unlike with the traditional cigarette that leaves an offensive odour while smoking, the e-cigarette does not produce such odour. The e-cigarette users will exhale a water vapour that leaves you without any offensive smell without compromising the satisfaction that is offered by the cigarette. This implies that if you are using this type of cigarette, you will not only be satisfied but you will also not disturb those near you with the offensive smell.


The Use of Electronic Cigarettes Will Save You Money

This is very true because those using the traditional cigarette will have to spend a lot of money every month to buy the quantity of pack they need to be satisfied. With the e-cigarette, you will just buy it once and it will go a long way. You can save up to 50% by switching to the e-cigarette.



2014-01-26 15:01:33

I like the no smell and that you can use a USB to charge it! Funny how now we look for convenience and USB over flame. I do see where this can eventually become more economical. 

2014-02-21 17:48:20

I love the lack of smell factor... and the fact that you save money. Double win!

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