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2013-12-12 12:41:46

Why E-Cigarettes Remain a Safer Option

The rising number of electronic cigarette users is astounding. Statistics show that there are an estimated 1.3 million users of e-cigarettes currently. This, according to experts, may not be good news at all since the safety of the electronic cigarette is still a mystery to people. As major brands continue establishing themselves in the global market, the question about whether the e-juices they manufacture are safe or not lies squarely on users and non-users alike. So far, research has not proven that e-juice contains any carcinogenic compounds at all. However, we may not rest assured that they are 100% safe to use just because there have not been any documented dangers associated with the e-liquids.

 smoking cigarettes

Taking a closer look to the stigmatization faced by users, we could conclude that it is unreasonable. The substances that make up a product determine whether the product has harmful health effects on the individual using it or not. In general, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are the main ingredients in the e-juice of e-cigs. Basically, they act as diluents. This, in other words, means that they help dissolve and dilute the flavour to the desired level and aid in "transporting" the vapour to the user's mouth. These are the two common diluents in detail.


1. Vegetable Glycerin

Vegetable glycerin is a very essential part in processing some of the common products we use. Its most useful part in the process is acting as a stabilizer, diluting other concentrations and helping in providing other functions, such as bulking.


2. Propylene Glycol

Often referred to as E1520, propylene glycol is a faintly sweet compound that is viscous, odourless and colourless. The compound is widely used as a food additive and in the development of diverse pharmaceutical products.

Basing our judgment on the above two main e-liquid diluents, we can conclude that e-cigs are safer to your health since these two ingredients can be found in food.

Back in 2009, tests detected small percentages of carcinogens. However, according to recent studies, it has been proven that those that have the harmful products have them at considerably low concentrations; let's say 10 to 500 times lower than the traditional cigarette.

The vaping process does not involve combustion, only vaporization of the e-juice, which makes it a  safer alternative for you.



2013-12-17 06:55:38

So what you are telling me is that using e-cigarettes is as safe as eating sweets or crisps?  That is big news.  It is a shame that not every smoker is embracing the vaping lifestyle.  I know that riding with my nan in the car now is far more pleasant now that she has started vaping, no more smoke wafting in my face while I'm trying to drive.

2013-12-29 07:19:27

Whilst it looks as though we’re obviously not at a stage where we can definitively say “this is definitely 100% healthy” the signs look considerably more positive than regular cigarettes where it’s well known that they contain carcinogenic compounds for the express purpose of making cigarettes more addictive. More research is of course welcome, but this looks every inch a positive development.

2013-12-29 07:21:54

It stands to reason that these are healthier than cigarettes. It’s actually hair-raising scary to think of the evil cancer-causing poison that ends up in cigarettes (I don’t recommend reading the side of a packet), but food additives? They really don’t sound like anything to get worked up about to me.

2014-01-27 14:22:46

Is one type healthier than the other? I want to be sure I'm not using a product that will put my health at risk.

2014-02-13 14:05:45

Safer AND better tasting. So glad to have these options and MULTIPLE flavours to pick from. Not bad.

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