Socialising with electronic cigarettes

2013-12-20 13:40:50

How socialising is better with e-cigarettes

It is definitely much easier to socialise when smoking e-cigarettes as opposed to traditional tobacco cigarettes. This is for a number of reasons:


You don't have to keep leaving the room

With traditional tobacco cigarettes it is usually necessary to leave the room to go outside every time you fancy lighting up; this can be awkward, especially if you are out on a date in a restaurant or at a sports game with someone who doesn't smoke, as it means leaving them on their own for a short time. With e-cigs this shouldn't happen as many places will allow you to use them in public.


There is no offensive odour produced

Traditional tobacco cigarettes produce smoke which leaves an offensive odour that sticks to a person's breath, hair, clothes and anything else they come into contact with. Anyone with the person will be able to smell the unpleasant cigarette odour on them. With e-cigarettes this doesn't happen as they only produce a water vapour which is totally odourless.


There are no ash trays or cigarette butts produced

Traditional tobacco cigarettes burn and leave ash and a cigarette butt as wastage; these are usually dropped into an ash tray by the user before being discarded later. Full ash trays are often left in full view of other people and seeing them can be very unsightly for those who don't smoke. With e-cigarettes this doesn't happen as they don't burn or leave any wastage in this way; instead they work by heating a liquid to produce a vapour which quickly evaporates into the air.


no smokingThere is no second hand smoke produced

Traditional tobacco cigarettes burn and produce smoke which contains a number of harmful substances which other people nearby are then forced to breathe in. For this reason, it is against the law to smoke in many public places. E-cigarettes don't burn in this way and therefore no smoke is produced, so there is no chance of other people breathing in second hand smoke.


E-cigarettes are considered more acceptable

Traditional tobacco cigarettes are regarded as a negative product by many people as they have an array of negative issues associated with them; this includes the potential risks to a person's health, as well as other people's health from second hand smoke; the offensive odour they produce and the fact they are bad for the environment. Many people therefore frown upon a person lighting up a tobacco cigarette. However, e-cigarettes do not have this reputation and they are much more socially acceptable; they don't have the same risks to health, they don't produce an offensive odour and they aren't bad for the environment as they do not burn or produce smoke.


E-cigarettes are much more socially acceptable then traditional tobacco cigarettes. This makes socialising with them much easier and less likely to offend people, especially when a person is trying to impress others, such as when they are on a date.


2013-12-23 05:21:40

It’s so nice to not have the problem of alienating my friends with my smoking any more! For years I used to feel guilty about breathing smoke around mates and setting a bad example for the kids, but now I don’t have that problem, and surprise, surprise – no one misses the smell!


2013-12-27 01:02:24

I really feel obliged to say thank you to e-ciggy for the simple reason that you have improved my life! I suppose that people do have a negative perception of a personal habit like smoking that harms not just my life – but those around me, and this is totally understandable. Hopefully now, more and more people will make the switch. There are a million good reasons to do so!

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