The best e-cigarette

2014-01-20 10:51:59

A guide on how to find the best e-cigarette

If you have recently made the decision to switch to electronic cigarettes, you might be wondering how to find the best one as each has its own design and features. We have put together the handy guide below to help understand what most people will be looking for in finding the best e-cig:



The overall design of the e-cigarette plays an important factor in e-ciggy choice and is very much down to personal preference. There are a large number of different designs available today ranging from those that have been styled to look discreet and similar to a traditional cigarettes or in the shape of a pen, right through to brightly coloured, flamboyant designs for those who want to make a fashion statement.



Some electronic cigarettes include a range of added features which can appeal to certain people. These can include LED lights or a back-lit LCD displaying wattage, voltage or battery life.


the best e-cigaretteAvailability

When choosing an e-cigarette, it is important to ensure that the parts that will need regularly changing such as cartridges are readily available. It's doesn't make sense to have an e-cig where parts are hard to replace as you then won't be able to use it.


Vapour quality

When choosing an e-cigarette, it is important to choose a model that will give you the best vapour to ensure the best e-smoking experience. If you chose an e-cigarette with a weaker heating element, you will not get a good amount of vapour or you could end up inhaling bad tasting vapour.



The amount of liquid contained in a cartridge is an important factor in the choice of an e-cigarette. This is because the more liquid a cartridge contains, the longer it will last. 



If you enjoy tasting different flavours of vapour, then ensure you chose an e-cigarette that comes with a range of different flavours. Most e-smokers soon tire of the taste of tobacco and want to try new and exciting flavours.


Charging options

Most people require their e-cigarette to come with standard charging options. Most companies include a USB charger as well as a wall socket charger in their kits; including both of these ensures that people will have no issues in their ability to charge their e-cigarette.


Battery life

Battery life and charge time play an important factor for many people, especially those who are out and about a lot as they do not have the time to stop to charge up their e-cigarettes.


Customer service

Customer service will tell you a great deal about the company selling the product. If the company is happy to answer all your questions, then this can go a long way in telling you how reputable they are. We suggest you using





2014-01-22 13:52:41

Great tips on finding the best electontic cigarette. I find that its very important to have an e-ciggy with a long battery life, if not, you can be out and if your e-cig is dead, you can become tempted to smoke regular cigarettes.

Please do a post on the top e-cigarettes, or review them. That will make it easier to for people like myself that are just becoming familar with e-ciggies. 

Kyle Jamieson
2014-01-23 08:40:23

Totally agree with the availability factor of it. When I smoke I hate having to go back and forth to the store to grab a new cartridge/charger etc. This just makes me want to go back to regular cigarettes because of how annoying it is to run around ot have a smoke.

I will for sure investigate availability in my next e-cigarette purchase.

2014-01-23 14:27:28

I've been contemplating the idea of an ecig, but it honestly has intimated me. Glad you guys have been able to help me break it down.

Kira H
2014-01-27 14:10:17

I like that mine is rechargeable. Very environmentally friendly. That's for sure.

thom tran
2014-01-27 15:03:04

I think whatever e-cig you choose, you should always get it from a reputable seller. There are a lot of bad ones out there that have substandard products.

Gabby N
2014-01-31 19:12:52

Cartridges are pretty cheap to replaced. I appreciate e-ciggy for my shopping needs.

2014-02-07 09:54:49

I have been looking for the best e-cigarette for me for some time now, but with no clear guidance for what I should be looking for. I appreciate both the guidance presented here as well as the line of products on this site, which have given me a few options to explore.

2014-02-13 13:42:18

I need to find better cartridges, and you all had just that. Thanks for the hookup!

2014-02-16 06:42:12

I never thought much on vapour quality, but it's important... you need to have something that's greas tasting overall. Need to invest in the right product.

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