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2014-01-22 11:21:47

Electronic  cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular for a variety of different reasons; the main ones include their convenience, ease of use and the realistic smoking experience they provide. E-cigarettes provide a different smoking experience to traditional tobacco cigarettes, so those new to e-smoking usually need some time to adapt to using them. It is common for people to undergo a learning curve when they first start with e-cigs as they work out how to best smoke them.

 e-cigarette vapour

Below are some tips to enable you to get the most out of your e-cig:

• On average, an e-cigarette cartridge is equal to 1.5 - 2 packs of traditional tobacco cigarettes though this does vary between brands

• To get the most vapour from your e-ciggy, take a slow and steady puff that lasts between 3-5 seconds. Short puffs that last under 2 seconds will not provide you with a good amount of vapour

• It is important to understand that vapour should be inhaled slowly and gently into the mouth and exhaled; it is not usually inhaled into the lungs as it is with tobacco cigarettes. You should aim to hold the vapour in your mouth for a couple of seconds before exhaling it

• Aim to take between 3-7 puffs of your e-cigarette with each use. An average smoker will inhale a maximum of 7 times in one use. Remember to allow yourself a few seconds break between each puff

• If you are having more than 10 puffs at a time then it is advisable to alternate cartridges as this allows the e-liquid to disperse properly

• Try not to 'prime puff' (this is where users take a few long and deep puffs to produce more vapour) as this will decrease the lifespan of your cartridge.

• If your cartridge feels warm on your lips, stop using it or alternate with another cartridge to give it time to cool down.

• If you experience a burnt taste, then you might be puffing for too long or too much. The cartridge should keep its flavour until it is empty when it will be no longer able to produce vapour

• Be aware of the amount of times you are using your electronic cigarette. Remember that each use (which is on average is 3-7 puffs), should count as one cigarette. It is important to do this as it will help you understand how many cigarettes you are smoking. As e-cigarettes can be used in many more places than traditional tobacco cigarettes, it is easy to use them much more than you realise

• Shorten the storage times between using your e-cig; once a new cartridge has been started the initial heating of the liquid vapour causes natural evaporation of the liquid into the air

• Keeping cartridges attached to the battery and not in a box is convenient but it decreases the lifespan of the cartridge. This happens even more if the e-cigarette cartridge is kept in the air and not stored away in a box. As well as this, the liquid vapour can dry up and can burn the wick/sponge that is used to soak up the liquid vapour.



Emilia Montana
2014-01-22 13:07:55

I am so glad that you posted these tips on e-cigarettes. I ordered one and noticed that it had an odd taste, now i realize that it was because I was inhaling for way to long! The burnt taste is gone and I can finally enjoy my e-ciggy.

2014-01-23 08:23:34

Thanks for posting these tips. I have been contemplating quitting smoking and using an e-ciggy to help. Trying to get as much info as possible on them.

Erin Watson
2014-01-23 08:36:22

Great tips on e-cigs. I actually have used mine quite regularly and I can say that reading this tips have helped me out a ton! I like how you mentioned that you can easily get carried away with them, I can vouch for that because when taking puffs from them you lose track much quicker then actually smoking a real cigarette.

2014-01-23 14:25:55

If one ecig is equal to a pack... the cost is still higher, right? 

jon terns
2014-01-27 09:31:30

I remember when I first started out with e-cigs, I had such a bad time trying to get enough vapour, but once I figured it out and started taking more deliberate puffs, it came easy.

Marsha Nelly
2014-01-27 14:07:02

I think these are great but WAY TOO EXPENSIVE. I can't afford it.

2014-01-31 05:08:20

Great tips to get some more puffs. I just started smoking e-cigs, I'll for sure be passing this article on to people who are beginners like me.

Jessica H
2014-01-31 19:14:40

I've had the burnt taste before but NEVER knew why it was like that. Puffing for too long? I"m guessing that's why. Thanks for the info.

Lucas W
2014-02-07 09:26:08

It took me some time to adapt to the experience of e-cigarettes, but once I got over the initial change I found that I actually preferred them over normal cigarettes. It is all about getting over the initial discomfort of change, you can enjoy the benefits that e-cigs bring.

Didi M
2014-02-13 13:28:29

Don't use it every second of the day. Duh!

Nina Marie
2014-02-16 06:44:32

LOVE the ecig in the pic. Can you get one that is absolutely clear like that? Very incognito!

Val Gal
2014-02-19 16:18:33

Just take it easy. You don't need to suck this thing dry. It's still a cigarette.

2014-03-30 00:57:36

Thanks for this tips. Seriously. I don't know what I could do without them.

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