E-Cigs On Planes

2014-01-30 10:16:06

Electronic cigarettes are increasingly being accepted in more and more places that were originally very opposed to them. This has largely been due to an increase in the availability of information about these devices and their use.

The aviation industry has however been slow in catching up as concerns still linger about safety and reactions of the clients of this industry.

Recent events in the US point to tough times for vapers going on for much longer as legislators are positioning themselves to carry out an outright ban on using e-cigarettes while on planes.

e-cigarette on planesWhat Has The Legal Position Been?

Prior to this proposed legislation, there was a ban on the use of all tobacco products while on a plane. It was not clear whether e-cigs were actually covered by this legislation or not and many people took advantage of this ambiguity to vape during flights.

Why The New Legislation?

According to proponents of this law, flight crews have taken a lot of bashing over passengers that vape during flights and it was hard for them to take a position since there were no clear guidelines on the matter.

On the one hand, passengers that complained had a right to feel comfortable during their flight and the use of electronic cigarettes denied them that comfort.

On the other hand, e-smokers felt that since their devices were very different from the ordinary cigarettes they should be free to indulge while traveling.

The transportation department therefore felt there was a need to clarify the status of electronic cigarettes as well as guarantee the rights of passengers on flights airlines.

The new law therefore sets the position clear that just like tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are not allowed on flights (also in Australia) so vapers should brace themselves for flight time that is devoid of their electronic companion.

How Have E-Cig Advocates Responded?

Umbrella organizations that speak for the e-cig industry have reacted with outrage, wondering why a device that poses no danger to passengers or the plane itself should be the subject of such harsh actions.

The protests have continued even in the vaping public but there seems to be no chance of legislators budging an inch from the position that they have taken.

The next round seems to be headed to the courts of law as that is where matters that dialogue cannot sort get arbitrated upon by looking at all laws as well as the constitution.

The landscape in which e-ciggies exist is still very fluid largely because the devices are still relatively new so reactions are bound to rapidly sway in different directions depending on a specific sentiment that holds sway at that moment in time.

What should be done is to broaden awareness campaigns so that more accurate information is made available not only to legislators but also members of the public. After all, legislators cite concerns among members of the public as the driving force behind many of the legislations that they pass. Only after true knowledge is widely available will rules that look at all sides get enacted.



2014-01-31 00:44:17

I personally think that e-cigarettes should be allowed on planes. They cause absolutely no harm the other passenger but just looks sketchy. If the public explain to people that they are harmless I think that planes will accept them.

2014-01-31 09:55:06

My brother has vaped on an airplane before like you mentioned, he never received any hate from the flight attendants, just some of the people beside him asking why he was doing it.

Melinda N
2014-01-31 19:10:54

I've NEVER been able to use one on a plane, though it's no different than breathing. Oh well... something to fight!

2014-02-01 10:51:04

Never really knew this tips about using e-cigarettes on airplanes but always wondered what the legal parts of it were. I think people should be allowed to vape on airplanes personally.

2014-02-05 18:09:54

Smoking e-cigarettes is not permitted on Qantas Airlines :(

Amber Grindall
2014-02-07 09:13:50

I have tried to use one on a plane before, but because they were fairly new at the time, people just assumed that I was smoking an actual cigarette. I hope that in  the future this will be allowed on flights, so that I can enjoy a vape during my travels.

2014-02-11 15:36:11

I think you should be able to smoke them on planes. they don't make a bit of different to other people. 

2014-02-16 06:36:33

I wish they were, Ak. I think they just fear for the worse. I guess that's a good thing. Dang Qantas!

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