The beginner’s guide to e-cigarettes

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2014-05-04 11:24:01

?Not everyone is an experienced smoker and even those with a regular habit of conventional cigarettes can be a beginner when it comes e-cigarettes. So what are the basics? What are the things any newbie needs to know to best understand what smoking with ecigs is all about? Remember that knowing the basics will enable you to make informed and helpful decisions when it comes to choosing your type and style of e-cigarette smoking.

You can buy disposable e-cigarettes. And if you’re a beginner this could be a good way to go. There is little or no outlay - especially if a free trail is on offer - and the chance for you to try the whole sensation of vaping - that’s the word used for smoking an e-cig - and with a couple of different flavours to boot. So it’s easy to make a start, to give them a go.

If you smoke less than a pack a day of conventional cigarettes, there are starter kits and basic kits which suit you down to the ground when starting out trying them. You can find up to five flavour cartridges in a single kit and each cartridge gives you about the same number of e-cigarettes as a standard pack of conventional smokes. The batteries are rechargeable. So this single supply could keep you in them for one to two weeks. When you need extra supplies, of course you don’t need all the components in the kit - just the additional flavoured liquids.

For moderate to heavy smokers

It’s simple to say but there are some serious financial benefits to someone who is a heavy smoker of conventional cigarettes when they switch to them. Buying in bulk is a real incentive because that’s where some great savings are found. The effect you get from the vapour, the equivalent of inhaling tobacco, is greatly enhanced when the top of the range batteries are used.

Put simply, the strength of the battery is what gives the greatest hit from the vapour. Converting the liquid to a vapour is created by the battery and for anyone with a heavy smoking habit, starting smoking e-ciggies using a maximum powered battery will make the transition easy and pleasurable.

If appearance is important to you, e-cigarettes have it all over conventional smokes. The shape and size, not to mention the colours in which they are produced gives the beginner smoker an amazing choice. There are so many designs and styles of the components that you can pick and choose. Certainly the appearance factor is one new smokers will not have seen in the past. There are even some electronic cigarette components in the shape of pens or mobile phones. It’s not just a new smoking experience, it speaks heaps for fashion and lifestyle as well.

For anyone contemplating smoking e-cigarettes, there is no need to rush. The offers for beginners, the variety of starter kits and the range of products available are fascinating. A whole new smoking world is out there and it’s waiting for you to discover and enjoy.



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