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2014-05-04 11:25:19

What Symptoms Characterize Switching To Vaping?

When one makes the switch from smoking tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, there are some very clear things that happen and these symptoms are your body’s reaction to the change that you have made.

Many of them are signs that your body is getting back to its optimal functionality so they should be looked at positively as they will subside with time. The following are just some of those bodily reactions.

Spots On The Skin.

Especially if one was a very heavy smoker, there is a very high likelihood that your skin will break out in spots that are like those of teenagers.

These spots come because the body is recovering from the suffering it was subjected to during your smoking days and one way that toxins can be removed from the body is via the skin.

The spots are therefore an avenue for the body to cleanse itself and will disappear with time as the level of toxins in the body goes down. Once all toxins are out, your skin will glow once again!

A Bit More Coughing, And Then Nothing!

When people have just stopped smoking and taken to vaping, they will notice that the smoker’s cough initially gets worse, and then stops completely.

The initial increase in coughing is due to the lungs getting a chance to expel all the tar that had accumulated in there. Vaping gives the lungs some respite and that triggers the self-cleansing mechanism so as more and more of that tar gets kicked out, the coughing reduces until it stops altogether.

Once it stops, you can celebrate because the worst of what your lungs had been subjected to in your analog days has been brought to an end. You will be able to breathe freely and sleep without that racking cough that used to plague you.

Sweating At Night.

Again, this is a continuation of the cleansing process as sweat helps to remove toxins from the body. This mechanism of toxin removal comes to a near standstill after years of smoking and when you switch to vaping, the body realizes that it is no longer being massively abused and tries to restore itself to normal functioning.

The severity of these night sweats will keep reducing with time until it becomes barely noticeable once the bulk of toxins have been removed.

Many of the symptoms that new vapers face are due to the body trying to restore its balance. They may initially be fairly severe because you are coming from a point of your body being severely abused so huge efforts must go into cleansing it.

As is the case with all matters concerning your health, you need to keep your doctor in the loop to advise you just in case things seem abnormal. It is best to work hand in hand with your doctor as you journey towards restoring good health to your lungs and body. In most cases, the body can take care of itself so just tough out that initial reaction of your body and all will be well soon enough..

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