Why Are Some E-Cigs Very Expensive?

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2014-05-04 11:26:24

?Any user of electronic cigarettes will be shocked at the way in which prices of different brands vary widely. If one is new to e-cigs, they may be very confused by this variation given that some people associate high prices with high quality.

In the analysis below, we look at some of the reasons that can explain why some products are so highly priced in comparison to other similar products.

The Power Of Reviews.

Particularly online, there are some providers who have excelled at getting rave reviews for their products. Such people have long known that users first read what other users have to say about a product before they decide to also use it, or choose another product.

A company that successfully gets a good impression among users gives itself leeway to raise its prices even if what they are offering is not necessarily superior to other products. One should therefore not assume that higher priced products are better than those that are sold at a more affordable price.

Country Of Origin.

Different countries around the world have varying quality systems and standards that must be adhered to by manufacturers in that jurisdiction.

One of the requirements that many countries have is that of regular inspection and testing of all products before they are released onto the market. Such inspection is paid for by the manufacturer and is passed on to the final consumer.

In countries where controls are lax, producers can bypass some of those quality requirements and therefore have the final product hit the market at a much cheaper price than those that originate from a country that has more stringent controls since controls mean additional costs in the production process.

Aggressive Advertising.

Have you noticed that online retailers are normally cheaper than brick and mortar retailers? Part of the reason for that are overhead costs like rent and sales personnel in the outlets.

When it comes to advertising, some brands go all out to popularize their products among users. They want their brand to be well recognized and easily identifiable.

The implication of such a strategy is that millions of dollars go into national advertising campaigns and that money has to be recouped from consumers of those products.

It is therefore no wonder that the more known brands are also the most expensively priced. The difference is in the cost of advertising, not necessarily superior quality. The next time you see an advert of your e-cig brand, know that part of your hard earned money is paying for those glossy images.

The issue of varying prices is only remotely related to quality factors. Most of the reasons that explain those differences are to do with getting customers to know about the product as well as trying to differentiate one product from another by calling the product ‘premium’.

As a product user, do all you can to look at prices of different retailers so that you can be able to procure that product at the most reasonable price. Remember, not all that glitters is gold!


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