Are e-cigs losing value to novel vapers?

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2014-05-05 17:25:53

The bug tobacco effect has haunted the smoking fraternity, and left behind previous consequences. As individuals sought to retrace their steps back to the smoke free world, the e-cigarette appeared on the scene albeit unexpectedly. The history of the device may not be new to many; their usage is also a feature that requires little explanation. The popularity of these devices at one time faced opposition from other players, who thought their presence was a threat to their business.

Not long ago, these devices and their manufacturers experienced a somewhat unexpected phenomenon, when some big tobacco firms turned around and started making e-cigs to capitalize on the big electronic cigar dollar. The conventional tobacco sector has continued to think that smokers are on the habit for the long-term. However, with the changing trend that many are turning to e-cigs to quit the habit; the reality may land with grim outcomes.

Losing Touch with Vapours

Although it seems that electronic cigars made by tobacco firms come with their advantages, both for users and the companies, there are private manufacturers looking too establish their brands as a unique niche. This brings forth the question whether these firms’ products could be losing touch with vapours, even after such private firms invested in the production and marketing process.

There is an alarming rate, at which vapers ted to skip tobacco company e-cigs for a more discreet models known as vapours. This could cause the tobacco firms in the game to limp hone with poor sales. The reason why other alternatives, such as the vapours, are on the rise creating huge following is due to the refill feature on them. Vapers can refill the devices with e-liquids from different makers and with different flavours. Some companies that make specific devices that are not refillable, or are tied to using the firm’s brand of cartridges may get a bad hit off this Phenomenon.

Liking For the Non Standard Devices

There is a peculiar trend with the modern vaper, who initially got off the habit through the standard e-cig device. These individuals continue to exhibit a liking for the non standard devices, also known as tanks or moods. Given the enhanced vaping experience that a user is bound to get from these new devices, the future of standard e-cigs looks shaky. It’s not the creative vaping method that makes these new devices tick, but their longer battery life, cost effectiveness, and usage too. In fact these tank devices are more of a reprieve, compared to the burnable and rechargeable e-cigars.



Bridging the Gap

Notably, e-vapour brands are more preferable, given the low nicotine levels in their liquids. To inject the much needed balance, manufactures will have to bridge the gap, especially when it comes to user satisfaction. Vapers are always looking for the best products to satiate their endless vapour craving. While the sector has every indicator that it is likely to grow in strength, the question is still on the handiness of some e-cig products, and their preference in the future. Even in the face of imminent regulation, the all too familiar e-cigar devices may be hit by competition from innovative products being discovered as time goes by.



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