How have tobacco cigarettes influenced the development of...

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2014-05-07 12:25:18

The electronic cigarette industry loves to hate tobacco cigarettes. It seems wherever an e-cig turns, there is always something about ordinary ciggies that stands in its way. How intertwined are these two, really?


For generations tobacco cigarettes were the default way to get a nicotine fix. Like it or hate it, you only had to reach for a cigarette if the nicotine itch hit you. The only other variant to this was a pipe, but not many people liked it.

It was cool to smoke and those that did not smoke were looked upon as queer and “uncool”. For a time, nothing happened to rock the tobacco boat until some people started falling ill in the very same way that others had fallen ill. The common factor to them all was that they had been smoking for many, many years.

That marked the beginning of the realization of the harm that smokers were doing to themselves and before long, isolated voices started speaking out against tobacco cigarettes. Tobacco companies called these people all sorts of names but in a short while, it was unmistakable that people were coming to mortal harm at the hands of their addiction.

E-Cigs Are Born.

Hon Lik’s story with ordinaries is very well known but the short of it all is that his troubles resulted in the man inventing the electronic cigarette.

Because he had struggled so much with ordinaries cigs, he came up with an alternative that looked like the tobacco cigarette but did away with the harmful smoke that caused so much trouble. That was how e-cigs came to resemble tobacco cigarettes.

What About The Mods?

Some people argue that mods are just a higher level of e-cigs. That may be true in the sense that a beginner to vaping may not be able to understand the workings of these pieces and that is why a newbie will always find it easier to start with the sticklike version of e-cigs.

On another level, many are of the view that mods came up as a result of trying to break e-cigs away from any connection with ordinary cigs. The fact that the early e-cig design was built on the appearance of tobacco cigarettes was irksome to many members of the e-cig community.

That may be the reason why mods are so far removed from the sticklike design of ordinaries so that no parallels can be drawn between them.

And The Name...

Both tobacco cigarettes and their recent nemesis share the word “cigarette” in their name and that ties them together at the hip, so to speak. That is largely why opponents are so dead set against e-cigs since to them e-cigs are as guilty as ordinaries.

Bringing it all together...

The paths of e-cigs seem to be fatally interlinked in more ways than one. That may be why each sees the other as though it were out to kill it. That fear may not be long in coming true for ordinary cigs. When will that moment eventually come?




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