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2014-05-10 11:43:57

Some electronic cigarette enthusiasts feel deflated every time some research comes to light explaining an aspect of e-cigs and that research is received with a lot of scepticism or dismissed outright by opponents.

While some people will always doubt whatever is placed before them, there are those whose job it is to discredit any information that comes out and is favouring the other side. For such types, very little can be done to get them to appreciate any information that is positive about what they are paid to oppose.

It is for the reasons above that there will always be scepticism meeting new research that comes out. It is so bad that when research is undeniably leak-proof, silence will be the reception that it receives or when the sceptics are prompted to say something, they will simply say there is not enough information on the subject.

For the neutral sceptic, there is a standard of research that will be enough to make them form a favourable opinion about the electronic cigarette subject and the following are two of the elements of the research that they will believe.

Peer Reviewed Publications.

In this information age, anyone can easily come up with some figures and claim that they are a result of a study that they conducted. There are so many quack “findings” to show that this fear is no idle pastime.

In order for a study to count as credible, the scientific community demands that it is published in a credible peer reviewed journal. This is because when that happens, other scientists can go through the study with a fine comb in order to confirm that everything about that study was above board and that the study can be given a clean bill of health. When a study passes this test, it is without a shadow of doubt credible in its findings.

Independently Conducted Studies.

He who pays the piper calls the tune. Unfortunately, most research into e-cigs can very easily fall under the ambit of this saying since it is sponsored by players in the electronic cigarette industry. Because of this reality, it is very hard to fight off suspicions that the study was influenced to yield results that point in a certain direction. However reliable the findings are, there will always be a cloud of doubt hovering over them until an independent study confirms their “unreliable” findings.

For studies that will truly be above reproach, there is need for independent scientists or groups to commission and carry out investigations into aspects of the e-cigarette experience.

A healthy dose of scepticism is a necessary thing in these shady times that we live in. Since the burden of proof seems to fall more on the side of those speaking in favour of electronic cigarettes, it is important that as much research as possible is conducted in ways that address the grounds discussed above. If that doesn’t happen, proponents will shout themselves hoarse and no one will give a hoot.

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