Regulatory clampdown

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2014-05-11 17:01:51

Why Regulatory Clampdowns On Menthol Are Of Concern To E-Cig Advocates.

The FDA in America has been paying a more than cursory interest to menthol cigarettes on the market. They even put out information that they would be reviewing the status of menthol because there have been several complaints about its effects on smokers. Word is that menthol is more dangerous than the standard varieties of cigarettes.

How is this of concern to the electronic cigarette community? It could by and large be the opening shots in the direction that the regulator wants to take in its bid to reign in the electronic cigarette market.

Up to this point, the FDA has been running into brick wall after brick wall in its attempts to regulate e-cigs. They wanted to treat them as tobacco products and the courts stopped them in their tracks. Next they tried looking at them as drug delivery systems and once more the courts were not impressed. With those failures under their huge belt, they are still pressing ahead with their plan of regarding e-cigs as tobacco products or pharmaceutical products.

A concern of the electronic cigarette industry is that once e-cigs are seen as tobacco products, there are many issues that had long since been resolved for the case of tobacco cigarettes that would have to be pulled out of the closet and re-examined with a view to seeing how they hold up for e-cigs. The major target is likely to be flavours permitted or used in these products.

Flavour has been a major source of disagreement between opponents of e-cigs and the advocates of these devices. Opponents believe that many flavours are attractive to kids and could get them to take up vaping. They at the same time say that the very same flavours can stop the urge to quit among those legally permitted to smoke or vape if they so choose. Either way, it does not auger well for flavour variety when the FDA starts reviewing menthol cigarettes.

Whichever way this debate goes, regulators may still have all the ammunition they need to press on and ban some flavours or impose severe restrictions on them. Should they succeed in pulling menthol cigarettes off the market that would have set for them a good enough precedent to use in their efforts to restrict e-cigarettes that are flavoured.

When restrictions start being imposed on flavour variety in electronic cigarettes, that would seriously affect the clout that the industry has been having among its clients since all invariably cite the huge variety of e-liquids as the tipping factor in getting them to use the products. That is in addition to the health and financial benefits inherent in the use of the product.

Take away flavor variety and impose heavy taxes and you will have almost wiped away a huge chunk of what makes e-cigs tick.

Bringing it together...

It is not good to celebrate when something bad happens to your opponent. That very thing may be visited upon you sooner than you expect. That is why the moves against menthol cigarettes should worry all in the e-cig industry since they also have menthol as one of the flavours they offer.



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