Despite the alarming studies...

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2014-05-13 15:47:02

Despite the Alarming Studies, E-Cigarettes Are a Win for Public Health

The e-cigarettes fraternity has in the recent past found no reason to smile. Speculations have been rife that there are imminent regulations set to affect the use of electronic cigars. While respective regulation will mean a whole lot of changes and implications, regulating authorities are still mired in confusion on how to classify them for legalization.

Despite the implications of the upcoming bylaws, the e-cig contraptions seem to be relatively popular in times of restrictions. In the past, studies have pointed the dire consequences that the usage of the devices can have on users. This has made censorship bodies want to decrease the ingredients, and marketing of these products. Additionally, there has been a widespread notion that e-cigars may not do much to help a smoker beat the habit.

Publics at Ease

What is yet to be understood in the light of these challenges facing the e-cig fraternity is why there still remains a huge belief and product following, by individuals looking to use artificial methods of smoking. While some experts claim it is not true that these cigars help much, the public seems to be at ease. This explains their popularity far and wide. Electronic smoking brands have been thought to cause diseases, and rush users into a new form of addiction. Health-wise, the consequences are believable, but the devices could be the preferred option in the long-term.

Lack of Definitive Findings

The proliferation of e-cigarettes may be hit further by the endemic need to dilute the concentration in the liquids. This move is directed at dissuading unchecked use by underage kids. With the type of flavouring in e-liquids, kids may end up growing a liking, which in turn can become an addiction with dire health outcomes. E-cigarette detractors have sold this premise for the longest time. The only problem is the lack of definitive findings, which can support the e-cig debate on any end.

E-cigarette usage has risen beyond the average. Respective research is also on the rise, as different camps look for solid evidence to support or rubbish the effectiveness of these cigars. From a positive outlook, it is the public that carries the day. Compared to the conventional tobacco smoke, the e-cig has toxins which affect the human health in a negligible manner. On the other hand, tobacco smoking has decreased drastically as many people have a ready alternative, which almost guarantees the safety of their health.

Simpler Prerequisites

With this in the picture, it may not be proven that e-cigs have entirely contributed to the decline. What stands out is another phase of debate as to whether these electronic devices are in contrast to the quest to control tobacco usage. Where individuals have dropped tobacco smoking, others may have taken it up, since they can use e-cigars to help them quit later. The only challenge here is the apparent thought that underage kids, could be getting on board the e-cig addiction bracket. Even when some stakeholders are up against the advertising and promotion of the electronic cigars, the public seems at home with a simpler prerequisite, such as having an age restriction disclaimer when it comes to selling over the counters. However, it would be daft ingratitude to say the devices have not helped decrees the adverse effects, associated with the conventional tobacco puffs.



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