Can I Really Go Nicotine Free?

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2014-05-22 01:35:17

All differences we find are a result of some kind of an analysis. Differences in e cig flavoured liquids can be the single most important factor which decodes the quality of your vaping experience. Understanding this better may need a better look at what are the differences in e liquids and what are they composed of.


While many vaping enthusiasts enter the fray, wanting to simply experiment with the taste and flavours, there could be many novices, teenagers and also those wanting to quit a heavy nicotine dependence. Understanding the ‘deal’ about e liquids will ensure your peace of mind and above all quell all those doubts that makes you want to return to conventional (and as many realize, far more harmful ) kind of smoking.


Nicotine Laden E liquids

Well the fact of the matter really is that e liquids that are available containing different strengths of nicotine and are a great way to tone down your nicotine cravings which you can temper down , little by little. By opting for milder proportions of nicotine at 54 mg or higher at 72 mg per ml. This means that just like each stick of a cigarette dispenses a certain amount of nicotine, e liquids too have a certain amount of nicotine level. Apart from this amount of nicotine, Propylene Glycol makes up 80% of this viscous substance and the rest of the 20% is made up by Glycerin. The third part of the e liquid is made up of Diluents which helps the flavouring or the nicotine to reach certain potency and carries the flavourings with it. While viscosity is made up by the Propylene Glycol that produces the throat hit, it is the Glycerin what provides it the ability to produce fumes.


Nicotine laden e liquids will thus help you achieve the ‘throat hit’ or the feeling of slight irritation, the raspy sensation at the back of your throat that many nicotine users are rather fond of. Any E liquid company true to its name will also mention its strength of nicotine which is expected under the standard statutory laws of the FDA.


What must be discarded as any potential doubt in your mind is the belief that all e liquid contain some form of nicotine which helps you get ‘hooked to it as much as you would like not to. This is a myth which has was floated by those threatened by the rise of vaping as a better alternative to smoking conventionally and has since been denounced many a times.


Can I Go Nicotine free while Vaping

Sure you can, but it would have to do a lot with your ability to quit the nicotine craving if you have already been a heavy smoker of regular cigarettes. Yes, there are nicotine free flavours that ape the taste of some tobaccos but it still cannot give you the nicotine high which your body may crave. The only factor you need to be wary of is the somewhat noxious nature of additives and chemical smells that seems to be problem with flavourings that are not rich and complex. While the throat hit factor goes completely missing in nicotine free flavours it needs to be compensated by strong flavour such as capsaicin (chilli pepper heat producing flavour), menthol which is strong or Grain alcohol flavouring, all of which can help hide the chemical smells in E liquids. E ciggy provides you advanced formulations that are nicotine free and ideal from the point of view of someone wanting to experiment fully with the good side of vaping.




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