Guidelines on the perfect vaping protocol

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2014-05-22 01:38:05

The first fact we need to face is that smoking of tobacco rich, carcinogenic  smoke emitting cigarettes have been around us at bus stops, supermarkets, in our bars a, bistros and even the offices and dentists’ clinic, but today the scenario of health consciousness is at quite another level. Respecting the need of non-smokers and non-vapers must be thus essentially built into the protocol of vaping. However sometime back when the opposition to vaping reached its fever pitch many thought that the puritanists who believed that any indulgence, particularly the one gaining such rapid popularity was bad for society, must be stopped at all costs-and so came the public ban on vaping. Little does one care to take into account that well established organizations with creditable research like Britain’s National Health service declared that even the nicotine carrying vapours off load 1/100th of the so called ‘toxic’ fumes of traditional cigarette smoke and cannot thus be called lethal or dangerous to public health. No one seems to be listening  to that- essentially no carcinogenic fumes are there in vaping as in the case of combustion involving tobacco and paper in ordinary cigarettes.


E-ciggy GreenI also firmly believed that all vapers have a certain sensibility which is evident in the right choice they have made and which also makes one believe that they will always and  everywhere conform to the rules set for them and try not to flout them even though some of them are considerably draconian.


Here are my top picks of some of the best protocol measure to be followed by all vapers.


One thumb rule for any gregariously social person is to make space and adequately so for people who may have reservations about your vaping attributes or habits. Public spaces are as much the right for anyone else as it is for you but if the number of voices that are against vaping in public is rising , honor that rather than break rules. You would rather be under cynosure than be called dishonourable.


Another vaping etiquette that keeps the calm around those who are less informed is to learn to accept and acknowledge another‘s viewpoint and not go hammer and tong to subdue any voice that rises against you.


As history seems to be telling us and nudging us to understand, a fundamental truth about smoking(which many have erroneously equated to vaping) that it was actually not tolerated in public, at the dining table, near ladies and children and so the concept of the ‘Smoking Room’ emerged in the late 19th century all across Europe. Considering we come from cultures with such strict norms, whose revival happens every now and then, let us try and find a middle path and call a truce.


Above all any book of etiquette says that making space for others’ viewpoint is as much of showing respect to others as it is in doing a favour to our own selves as well, for we will be saving ourselves a rather derogatory label.


Being loud and aggressive in public never really does any good-in fact it has been seen that if a vaper seeks permission from someone around, it usually results in acceptance. The abhorrence for cigarettes is one singular reason for this rise in ‘hatred’ and ‘doubt’ about our vaporizers and the more a vaper uses the term electronic cigarette the mind block comes into play.


It is just a matter of time when society will learn to accept the change just as it has learnt to accept many others. Till then abide by simple vaping etiquettes and safety norms.



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