Trendy and modern substitute for traditional cigarettes

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2014-05-23 01:51:17

E-cigarettes satisfy you with their amazing features and are very convenient owing to the technology they use. No more you need to search for a lighter, the e-cigarette is battery powered and can be recharged depending on the model you chose. They are free of tar and also smoke-free. Made available in different flavours and different sizes, they are sometimes also designed to look similar to the traditional cigarettes.

With a nice taste and forming thick vapour clouds, e-cigarettes give you an experience similar to conventional cigarettes. The sleek design and strong aluminium body makes it easy to hold while the e-liquid allows you to taste different flavours and relish them. There are many different types available, before you buy a certain in bulk, make sure to try if before. Store the e-liquid in a clean and dry place and keep it away from sunlight, children and pets.

Tracing all the way back to 1963, the e-cigarette is a modern and guilt-free approach towards smoking. Unlike traditional cigs, you can vape almost anywhere without getting into trouble. Many offices and public places allow vaping as there is no much restriction imposed on their usage.  This innovative idea results in no smell so you won’t smell like an ashtray after their usage. Non-smokers are always repulsive to the smell of a burning or burnt cig; e-cig does not produce this smell. The flavour used though creates a great taste and leaves you satisfied.

The e-cig can be charged with the help of USB’s and can be easily used when on-the-go. With an appealing appearance it also gives a great throat hit with a taste so exquisite that you can’t easily forget. The batteries last long and need to be recharged regularly and make the e-cigs powerful and strong. Certain e-cigs are also designed especially for women with no compromise on the quality. Cartridges can also be filled without help if you want to save your cash.

A single e-cigarette alone is equal to nearly 20-25 traditional cigarettes and provides no potential fire risk. They also save a lot of your money; an e-cig lasts longer than the traditional cigarettes and hence is a more convenient and smarter option. And not to forget, they do seem cool, the slim design and modern technology complementing it. New flavours are also regularly introduced to keep you excited and pleased. These highly recommended e-cigarettes don’t contribute to the global pollution levels and don’t leave butts like regular cigs do.

The e-cig is not smoked the same way the usual cigarettes are, the method is different. With an e-cig you optimize it to the fullest with slower puffs. There are many who have switched from the traditional cigarettes to these trendy ones, they are content and you can join them. An e-cigarette will give you a unique and dynamic experience and are also environment friendly as they do not create smoke. Movie stars also are joining this trend; e-cigarettes are getting more popular and desirable with time.



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