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2014-05-28 13:58:15

So you are new to ‘vaper’ (e-cigarette user) culture and are looking to find an e-cigarette that is ideal for you. Or you have been doing it for a while now and are looking for a well-informed upgrade.

e-cig penThe e-cigarette market is expansive, and for someone searching to buy a new device – it can get pretty overwhelming. And the first thing that any seasoned ‘vaper’ will tell you is that you have to memorize the basic three e-cig types and decide on whether you want manual control or automatic control, before you go shopping for your new handy little e-cig.

The three fundamental types in e-cigarettes are based on primarily on size and feel, also taking into account the power of the ‘pull’ of nicotine you can get from each type of vaporizer.

The Minis

First, we have the Minis. These are, as the name indicates, the smallest e-cigarettes available. They are ideal for the new vaper, who is just looking to get his or her feet wet in the new terrain of e-cigarette smoking.

The minis are very small, and have pretty much the same proportions as your regular, conventional cigarette. It also has roughly the same nicotine-pulling efficiency as well. This makes them excellent for a smoker trying out vaping.

The biggest disadvantage of a mini e-cigarette? The battery power is pretty low. This means that, while it’s great for the casual smoker or the curious vaper, it’s not really satisfactory for a regular user. Still, if all you are looking for is an occasional puff and a stylish gadget dangling from your fingers, go for it!

The Mids

So next we have the slightly higher efficiancy models of e-cigarettes – the moderate-sized Mids. These are what most vapers end up using long-term. They are just large enough to give a satisfactory battery power and a considerable nicotine dose, without being too big and alien.

They are approximately the size of a conventional cigarette too, maybe slightly larger, but the difference isn’t significant enough to register externally. Internally, the battery power is significantly higher. This makes them the most popular choice among the vaper community.

And when mids don’t cut it and a consumer wants some serious battery power and advanced nicotine vaporization?

The Mods

They are also known as APVs or Advanced Personal Vaporizer. Colloquially though, Mods is the most widely used moniker for these kind of e-cigarettes. They are much larger than the other two types, shaped into thick cylindrical tubes which are much fatter than the average conventional cigarette.

They have the highest battery power, and as such have a very high efficiency in nicotine vaporization and delivery. They are also very expensive, which can be a disadvantage.  But if you are looking for some seriously hardcore vaping and the pleasure of instant and high levels of nicotine satiation, the mods are the ones for you.

The subtypes

Quite apart from the options of manual control or automatic control, the e-cigarettes also have some subtypes like Micro, Penstyle and Ultra-Mod. Micros are even smaller than the Minis, barely any battery power at all and are best advised for those trying to give up on smoking altogether while Penstyles went out of style following the manufacture of Mods.

A quick cursory knowledge of the basic models and controls and you get a much better idea of your ideal e-cigarette match. As they say, it ain’t rocket science!


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