The informed transition

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2014-05-30 11:09:37

Gone are the days of misplacing your lighter and hunting for that ever-elusive matchbox whenever you want a puff. With a Midas touch of technology, the traditional cigarette has transformed into the sleek, portable and efficient mechanical marvel of an e-cigarette, also called an electronic cigarette. Ever since it was launched in the Australian market to cater to its smoker citizens as modern option, the e-cig has found its popularity spread through Australia, New Zealand and Europe with satisfied customers returning every time for more. Here at E-ciggy Australia, we strive to provide you with world-class high quality e-cigs.


The Informed Transition

No change can be all that pleasant and even more so if it is changing an old habit. If you’re a first time smoker and have come directly to the portals of vaping, you’ve already made up your mind not just to be different but if you are now on the verge of kicking an old traditional and difficult to change habit-and so you will need all the information and all the cajoling to make the switch. But once the switch is made, E ciggy will ensure that you are a firm believer.

Learn your facts about vaping –remember vaping is a chemical process as much as traditional smoking is yet without the usual repercussions on health. You have a better control over the amounts of nicotine you wish to dispense into your system and can get a super control over your life and its life giving habits.

If I were the first time smoker I would be serious about the gadgetry-which are top quality on e ciggy; the flavours, which again come in the gourmet kind to the much loved variations in the good ol’ tobacco styles; and above all, you are on the most updated versions of vaping experience which you could find anywhere in the world.

If you’re a conventional smoker, put your doubts at rest because you are about to get surprised by the high you can get from the vaping experience and will wonder at the richness of the flavours and the utter convenience of it all.


What you’ve been missing all this while

E ciggy promises you premium, quality and the best ever heights in quality. No additives, artificial and harmful additions to the liquids and top performing equipment with the best that technology can provide is at your disposal when you place your bet on e ciggy. Now it’s almost mandatory for you to be left completely confused and one wouldn’t be surprised if your first few trials at using an e cig brand turned out to be a complete debacle. The fundamentals of knowing a quality e cig brand is the first big step towards forming a lifelong great habit and for this you could use some help.

Here are my picks of the most important features that make e ciggy your favoured brand.

*It’s not a mish- mash of things-most vaping products come from a conglomeration of starter kits from one source, e liquids from another and add on from quite another-when you order from our site you get a comprehensive in- house made genuine product that is world class in standards.

* Pocket friendly in terms of size and price- Truly compatible for smoking anywhere you may desire to, the e ciggy brand is also one of the most reasonable as compared to brands that have been artificially leveraged in social media.

*No unnecessary use of additives to give you a pure unadulterated vaping high that will be one of a kind and duly in keeping with all statutory rules that govern quality.

* We are constantly listening to feedback and advice and this interface has allowed e ciggy the prominence in the market. It is in fact one of the most customer oriented brands in the market catering to what the customer has been wanting and makes every effort updating itself to meet the highest standards.

* You get the taste of one of the largest and most authentic if flavours which will make you want to experiment like never before. Genuine kits, rich flavours and the finest blends; you could not have asked for a better alternative to conventional smoking.

E ciggy has perfected the art of alternate smoking and has experimented with flavours like no other company-indulge and find out what a difference it makes in choosing the right brand.


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