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The electronic cigarette was invented by a pharmacist, named Hon Lik from China. Hon Lik was a heavy smoker and used to consume three to four packets on a daily basis, which is quite usual with the Chinese, traditionally they are heavy smokers. Lik’s father was no exception. He died of lung cancer. Hon Lik realized how deadly smoking could be, and decided to come up with something which would act as an alternative to traditional cigarettes, which would be less toxic.

electronic cigarette pensWHAT IS ESPECIAL ABOUT E-CIGARETTES

Scientists and experts are of the opinion, that though nicotine is highly toxic, it itself is not responsible for causing cancer for the smokers or people around the, the passive smokers. Scientists have observed that when tobacco, the cigarette paper and the filter burn, it produces a chemical reaction, which is harmful and is responsible for this deadly disease. If the nicotine is consumed without being burned with cigarette paper and the filter, smokers can avoid the health issues. Then, nicotine turns into a harmless addictive  E-cigarettes, over the years have come up as a great substitute for real cigarettes. They are been used by smokers all over the world.

Having conducted a thorough research, Hon Lik developed e-cigarette. It is a mechanism in which battery is used to atomize nicotine, which is present in a liquid form. In this new device, which Lik invented, there is no smoke, no ash, because nothing burns. So, despite of the fact that it contains nicotine, it does not leave a lethal impact on your health.

If you smoke e-cigarettes, you would be inhaling a fog like vapour. A recent study on e-cigarettes conducted by the scientists has revealed that E-cigarettes are harmless. They scientists have eve claimed that e-cigarettes, if consumed by children will not have any harmful effect. From the perspective of health, e-cigarettes are not as harmful and conventional cigarettes.  


Though this device was invented in China, it has gained tremendous popularity over the years and has crossed the geographical barriers and reached countries like USA, Germany, France, and Italy. E-Cigarettes were introduced in the global market in the year 2009. Ever since then, it has gained so much popularity, that it is estimated that two out of ten American smokers use e-cigarettes.  E-cigarettes are available in sores and can also be purchased online at our store. Some of them looks like conventional cigarettes, while some looks like pens. 


E-cigarettes come in a pack, which contain other stuffs. In the kit, you will find e-cigarette, few cartridges and a charger. One cartridge last for as long as twenty cigarette packs.  E-liquids are available which can be used to refill the cartridge.

Though it has been scientifically proved that e-cigarettes are less harmful than conventional cigarettes, but critics have point out, that these devices might encourage individuals to develop the habit of smoking at a very early age. Besides, they also claim that e-cigarettes are not as harmless as experts claim them to be. The e-liquid which is used as major fuel, is highly toxic in nature

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