Electronic Cigarette Facts

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2014-06-07 12:21:35

Looking into the idea of purchasing an e-cigarette? Well, here are a couple of facts that you SHOULD know before you make a purchase:

There is NO burning involved with an ecig. This means that you are not going to have a lighter handy. It is the battery inside of the unit which heats the liquid inside up which then produces the vapour. Some of them ‘glow’ at the front to give the appearance of a real cigarette. Not all of them do though. The benefit of no burning means that these products are completely fine for use in areas where public smoking may be banned (a place of work or a public location)


The liquid inside of an e-ciggy is mainly composed of liquid nicotine. You won’t find thousands of chemicals inside of the ciggy that you may find in a traditional one. Right off the bat this means that the ecig is FAR healthier to smoke. The only problem is that liquid nicotine is slightly more ‘dangerous’ than normal nicotine insofar as the fact that too much of it can be dangerous. It will be fine when it is vaporized. However, if you take it in its ‘raw’ liquid form then it does have the potential to kill. This is why you should always purchase a good quality electronic cigarette. There is less chance of it ‘leaking’.


The best electronic cigarettes on the market are completely reusable. Do not purchase ‘cheap’ ones which have to be thrown away after a couple of uses. They will cost you more to use in the long run. The quality control tends not to be as strict on these too. This means you end up with a less than fantastic smoking experience.


They are fantastic for those who are trying to give up smoking. This is because you can gradually reduce the amount of nicotine that you are inhaling over time. This means that you are going to be able to reduce your cravings. In addition to this, they help to recreate the smoking experience perfectly. Many people do not seem to realize that giving up smoking is so much more than slowly lessening the amount of nicotine that you get into your system. People also get addicted to the experience of smoking. This means the actual feel of the cigarette between the fingers, and even the way in which you can socialize with others whilst smoking. They help to recreate this experience which makes the process a lot easier to go through with.


Electronic Cigarettes ARE still unhealthy and they could have the same effects as standard smoking. However, ecigs tend to be a tinier bit healthier. This makes them perfect for those who may be considering giving up smoking, or simply are looking for a slightly different way to smoke which is not only healthier but not so much of a burden on the wallet!


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