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2014-06-13 12:10:38

The debate goes on about if and how e cigarettes will be regulated by the federal government through official laws and through the Federal Drug Administration. The American Medical Association recently stated that they feel the e cigs industry should be regulated by the government and they also oppose the sales of electronic cigarettes to the general public. The AMA is also calling for disclosures on ecig packages regarding the emissions and content, better labelling, and a ban on e cig flavours that easily attract those under age 18.



ban on ecigs in public placesWill There Be A Ban On Electric Cigarettes On Airplanes?

Some American politicians are seeking a ban on eciggies usage on airplanes for the health and safety of travellers. Currently there is no ban on e cigarette usage on some planes. Opponents to this measure stated that the use of them on planes do not pose a huge threat to non-smokers on the plane. In addition to this, the Federal Drug Administration is in agreement with the government's suggestion.



Companies' Reactions To Potential Regulation

In light of proposals for regulation by the medical community and certain politicians, lobbyists representing the e ciggy industry are speaking out against this measure. In November and December of last year, the lobbyists met with the White House Office of Management and Budget on this issue and stated reasons why they should not come under the Tobacco Control Act, which puts cigarette companies and tobacco companies under governmental regulation. The lobbyists also do not agree with a potential law that would ban commercial advertising of electronic cigarettes.



What About Bans on Smoking E-Cigs At Public Places?

In recent years, more cities have put laws in place that bans smoking of regular cigarettes at public establishments and some private employers have banned smoking on their premises by employees during their lunch breaks. Depending on the city, they are not included in the ban.



Environmental Policy And Regulation

Currently there hasn't been much push from environmental policy experts to regulate or ban e cigs overall and some of those experts feel that they would be an eco-friendly way for people to enjoy cigarettes without causing much air pollution and this is because of the lack of tar and other chemicals.



The industry has exploded since the 1990s and it continues to be popular despite government interest in regulating this industry. Lobbyists for the industry will likely continue to fight for the freedom they have to serve their customers without heavy regulation and they are succeeding for now.  Currently you see TV commercials and online ads for electronic cigarettes but should the FDA and government get their way, those commercials may not exist for long. This debate is more than just about health; it is more about how much regulation is too much for certain industries and whether this regulation helps or hurts those industries in the long run. Read more at:

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